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video recording

There is no faster way to record video than with FastCap

Never miss another special moment scrambling to turn on your phone’s video camera.

Catch all the best video moments with AfterCam, a video camera that records the past

Never miss an awesome video opportunity again with this innovative app.

Capture Those Magical Moments With Ease By Winning A Copy Of Vizzywig

Here's your chance to win a copy of Vizzywig!

Instagram Update Adds Landscape Mode, Helps Cure Devastating iPhone User Disorder

Instagram update adds landscape mode and the new Cinema feature.

Apple Finally Adds Zoom To Video Recording In The iOS 7 Camera App

Apple has finally added one essential and much-requested feature to the Camera app in iOS 7.

Win A $10 iTunes Gift Card To Unlock Video In Video's Pro Package

Here's your chance to win a $10 iTunes Gift Card from Flambe Studios!

FiLMiC Pro v2.9 Gets Even More Professional

FiLMiC Pro's new update brings some useful features to an already feature-rich app.

App Synergy: How To Synergize Your Stop Motion Video

This app synergy article spotlights a video, which was made with 15 different apps.

Wind Noise Messing With Your iLife? Check Out DeadCatDots

DeadCatDot NanoMuffs are a clever way to beat mother nature when outdoors. Check out how a patch of scruffy fur could save your outdoor video sound.

FiLMiC Pro Brings Professional Cinematography To The iPhone

If FiLMiC Pro isn't the most powerful video creation tool available for the iPhone, then we're Robert Redford. Ditch the stock video recorder and download this gem from the App Store.

Capture: Super-Quick Video Recording!

Capture is a new iPhone application that allows users to quickly shoot video on an iPhone or iPod touch.

Latest Apple Patent Concerns The Invisible, Should Maybe Stay That Way

Apple's newest patent could be a serious hurdle for social media addicts everywhere.

Customize Your iPhone Video Recording Quality With MultiCorder

Ever want to have more control over the quality of your iPhone's video capabilities? MultiCorder gives you those capabilities in a fully-featured app.

New AppList: iPhone Video Recording Apps That We Can’t Wait To Try On iPad 2

Even though you can take photographs on the iPad 2, video is where it will truly shine. The new iPad is capable of 720p video. We gather up the iPhone video recording apps that we'd like to see iPad-optimized in this AppList.

New AppGuide: Video Recording Apps

The built in video camera app on the iPhone and iPod touch are great. There are some benefits other apps can provide. This AppGuide will showcase the best apps for capturing video on the iPhone or iPod touch.

Precorder Now Allows You To Record Video In HD

Airship Software's neat pre-recording video camera app, Precorder, is now able to record video in HD.

Use Precorder To Ensure You Never Miss Another Special Video Moment Again

Precorder allows you to capture up to 10 seconds of pre-footage before ever hitting the record button, which should save you the pain and suffering you usually endure after missing a special moment on video.

Review: Qik Video Camera Pro

Want to add effects to your videos in real-time? How about uploading them to multiple different social networks to share with friends? Qik Video Camera Pro has you covered.

Review: iVideoCamera

If you're using a 2G or 3G iPhone, and running 3.0, you pretty much get everything someone with a 3GS does. Except the one thing that a lot of people want - video recording. iVideoCamera goes above and beyond purely recording video and is one of a few apps that allow you to record video on an older iPhone.