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video sharing

Send large batches of photos to anyone with BitTorrent Shoot

If you want an easy way to share photos or videos with people around you, this app can help with that.

Viddy Is Shooting For A Second Act As It Becomes Supernova

Viddy hopes to reinvent itself as Supernova.

Cydia Tweak: How To Easily Bypass The Messages App's Limit For Video Size

If you have an unlimited data plan and wish to bypass the Messages app's video size limit, read on.

Vine Now Allows Sharing Others' Videos Via Twitter, Facebook Or A Web Embed

Vine is out with an update that is full of new video sharing features.

BitFlx: Real-Time Location-Aware Video Sharing

We've all been there: You're out on the street, something amazing happens, and you want to share it. Sure, recording a video and posting it to YouTube, and then sharing the URL around friends and family does the trick, but it's hardly exciting, riveting and captivating - mainly, because the experience isn't live. While there are applications for "citizen journalists," which allow users to broadcast live from an iPhone, these apps don't concentrate much on the social aspect of live broadcasts. Fortunately, one new app does.

Vlix: Instagram Meets Vimeo? - Coming Soon!

Vlix is an upcoming iOS app, which appears to be a morph of Instagram and Vimeo - combining video editing and video sharing together in one application.