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Post videos to your Instagram feed again with Boomerang

The social network continues to find ways to keep Instagram from getting too stale.

Flips wants to revolutionize your text messaging

This new app is definitely novel, but is it ready for the mainstream?

This Little Girl Wants Her iPad Or Else

This 2-year-old isn't happy when her iPad is taken away.

Pocket Adds AirPlay Support, Allowing You To Stream Collected Videos To Apple TV

Pocket, the read it later app, now includes AirPlay support for videos.

Infuse Now Supports Apple's AirPlay And Comes With Other New Features

The popular video app gets an AirPlay update.

Infuse Means Never Having To Convert A Video File For Use On An iOS Device Again

Want to view all of your videos on your iOS device? Take a look at Infuse - The Beautiful Way to Watch Videos.

Need To Watch Video On The Go? We've Got You Covered

This AppList features a wide variety of on-demand video streaming apps to help you get a complete video watching experience.

Never Be Bored Again With Vodio On Your iPad

We're all bored at some point. But if you have Vodio, it'll be pretty easy to kill some time by finding and watching some great video clips from all over the Internet.

Updated AppGuide: Alternative Video Players

This AppGuide will show you the app(s) you need to to watch videos that won't play in the native iPad video player. Read on to find the app that best fits your needs.

Make Professional Looking Music Videos In Three Simple Steps With Vidify

Vidify is a video editing app that turns your home movies into music videos. There is no need for editing experience or even your own music. Just start shooting with your iPhone/iPod touch’s camera and let the app do the rest.

In iOS 5, It's Possible To Easily Save Videos To Your Camera Roll

Another handy feature Apple has added in iOS 5 involves saving videos to the Camera Roll. Now, if you're emailed a video, or if you encounter a video file on the Web or in another built-in application, you can save it to your iOS device's Camera Roll by holding your finger down on the file, and selecting "Save Video."

Playbox Lets You Become A Video DJ

Playbox- YouTube Playlist & Top Music Charts is a YouTube video player that specializes in showing you the top 20 music hits from around the world. Create playlists for easy reference and show your friends what a great video DJ you are.

VideoBot Puts All Your Clips In The Right Spot

VideoBot will organize all of your videos, but even though it does its job perfectly, do you even need it?

Share Your Videos Using A Variety Of Effects With Vlix

Vlix is a new video effects and sharing app for all camera-enabled iDevices, and is in the often lonely class of apps that are both quality and free. Read on to find out more about Vlix.

Crackle Streams Full-Length Movies And TV Shows For Free

Crackle allows you to stream HD full-length movies, TV shows, trailers and minisodes to your iPhone or iPad.

Review: SlingPlayer Mobile For iPad - Slinging Goodies To iPad

SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad has been officially released, and we put it to the test. Read on to find out how it performs.

Video: Purported HP Slate Gets Leaked & It's Bad

I don't like to bash the competition. Actually, I do, but sometimes they just ask for it. In a video that hit the web this morning, an unidentified individual leaked what seems to be an unreleased/upcoming HP slate.

Updated Review: Air Video for iPhone and iPad

If you want to watch videos in a non-iTunes compatible format, you've got two options; convert the video and sync, or stream with Air Video. Read on to find out more.

iPhone 4 Promo Videos: Design, Retina Display, And FaceTime

Apple have uploaded a series of promotional videos for those of you anxious to drool over the upcoming iPhone 4. Read on to check them out!

From the Diary of an App Developer: Let's Start Programming!

Even though the design phase of your application is going well, it probably feels like it's missing something. That "something" would be the programming--the aspect of development that turns design into functionality. This week, we'll start our programming training with some very simple SDK tutorials.

Review: iLoader

With iLoader you can tag photos, add captions and descriptions, and upload multiple videos or photos simultaneously. Short of uploading, all this can be done offline as well. Do you really need iLoader when you can already upload through the Facebook app? Read on to find out.