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Vimeo update arrives with iOS 9 iPad multitasking support

Version 5.6 of the popular app also allows users to search for videos directly from Spotlight.

Vimeo’s Cameo focuses on being a top-notch iPhone video editor

Version 2.0 of the app makes it easy for anyone to edit and create a perfect video.

Vimeo receives an update making uploading videos even easier

Select videos, upload more than one, and watch while you wait with this latest Vimeo update.

Vimeo for iOS updated with revamped video screen and improved notification controls

The official iOS client of the popular video-sharing app Vimeo has received yet another notable update.

Vimeo for iOS updated with video uploading, private sharing and friend finding

Vimeo now lets you upload videos right from your iOS device's camera roll using its newly updated official iOS app.

Cameo Video Creation App Gets First Major Update Since Being Acquired By Vimeo

Cameo has just been updated with Vimeo integration and a couple of other notable features.

Vimeo Update Brings Lightweight Design, Streamlined Menus

Version 4.1.00 also features more personalized profiles.

Vimeo For iOS Updated With Improvements To Search And Swipe Gestures

The popular video-sharing website Vimeo has just issued another update to its official iOS app.

Lights, Camera, Acquisition! Vimeo Buys Acclaimed Video Creation App Cameo

Vimeo has acquired Cameo, the highly rated video creation app developed by Fast Society and released just last October.

Vimeo For iOS Updated With New Swipe Gestures And Better AirDrop Integration

The official iOS app of the popular video-sharing website Vimeo has just received another update.

Vimeo Brings Search Back To iPad App, Adds Tap-And-Hold Support For Video Options

Vimeo for iOS has been updated once again in order to restore a significant feature.

The Classic 1984 Apple Macintosh Is Recreated With LEGO Bricks

Here's a cute video you have to see today.

Lost And Found: Search Makes Its Comeback In Official Vimeo App For iPhone

The official iOS app of Vimeo has just been updated with the return of a major feature: search.

Vimeo For iOS 7 Presents New Design And New Features, But Where's Search?

Vimeo has just been updated to version 4.0 with a new design that is quite breathtaking.

Tencent Weibo To Be Integrated Into iOS 7, Along With Flickr And Vimeo

Tencent Weibo, along with Flickr and Vimeo, is getting integrated into iOS 7.

Finally Put Newsstand In A Folder, Play Nice With Flickr And Vimeo And More In iOS 7

What's new in iOS 7 that wasn't announced at the keynote? We've got you covered!

WWDC 2013 Countdown: Two More Things Apple Should Announce June 10

The start of WWDC 2013 is just days away. Here are two more things we'd love to see during the June 10 keynote.

Apple's iOS 7 May Include 'Deeply' Integrated Versions Of Flickr And Vimeo

Flickr and Vimeo may soon join Facebook and Twitter as "deeply" integrated social networks in iOS.

Watch Out Vine, Vimeo Buys Echograph To Get Into GIF-Making Business

Vimeo and Echograph join forces to help users create beautiful videos.

Vimeo Update Brings A New Design To The iPhone Version

Vimeo has just taken a big step forward with the introduction of version 3.0 of its iOS app.

Five Features That Are Missing In iOS 6, But Shouldn't Be

There is much to love in iOS 6. Still, Apple's mobile operating system is still missing a number of features that would make it much better.

The Best New And Updated iPad Apps Of The Week

Here they are, the top new and updated iPad apps this week.

Vimeo for iOS Receives 2.0 Update

Vimeo mean serious business with their latest iOS update. Does it bring anything new to the field?