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Expand your vocabulary with Elevate Showdown on Apple TV

Expand your brainpower and your vocabulary with this Apple TV game.

Exercise your brain with the best word games for your iPhone

Play word games to expand your vocabulary. Reveals The Truth About Your Vocabulary Skills And Helps You Improve's app will teach you everything you thought you needed to know about words and more.

Expand Your Vocabulary In The Coming New Year With Great Words

Is one of your goals to expand your daily vocabulary? This slick app will help you out.

Word Vault Defines And Wants To Help You Expand Your Vocabulary

Vocabulary is a difficult thing to master. Fortunately, this dictionary can help you out with that.

Chambers Brings You Apps To Make You Sound Smarter — 200 Words At A Time

Chambers word apps help you build your vocabulary in a unique, productive, and practical way.

Let Your Kids Learn Languages With Mr Mouse

The spelling game for kids all around the world. Great tool to teach kids another language and it's perfect for bilingual children.

IntelliVocab For SAT Released

A new IntelliVocab app has been released and this time it is geared to study for the SAT exam. IntelliVocab for SAT is a vocabulary-based app that includes over 600 common words, used in competitive exams. There are also practice sessions with customized words based on expertise level.

Prose With Bros Is Pro Like Whoa, Bro

"Prose With Bros" is a dynamic word game with humor and style.

Review: Kaplan SAT Flashcubes

Flashcubes gives you the SAT prep that you always wanted to ace the Verbal section of the SAT, and if that wasn't enough, you have the features such as tests and additional Vocab to put you over the top.