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voice control

Cydia Tweak: Assistant Unrestrictor Aims To Solve Siri's Biggest Problem

Assistant Unrestrictor is a new jailbreak tweak that regular Siri users will definitely appreciate.

Say Hey To Vokul, Another Siri Contender

Vokul brings handsfree control to your iDevice, but should Siri be worried?

iWake With AppAdvice For Thursday Now Available

Good morning! Today's iWake is now available. Roku bests the Apple TV, AppStart for iPhone, Kodak's End Days Have Come, and the iPhone helps rescue a hiker. Have a listen ...

Could Nuance Still Be A Part Of iOS 5, After All?

For a while now, we've been expecting a revamped Voice Control service to launch with the iOS, namely because of Apple's rumored dealings with Nuance. However, at yesterday's WWDC keynote presentation, nothing was formally announced by Scott Forster when the Apple executive gave us all the details on iOS 5.

This Is Exactly The Kind Of Voice Recognition Service We Want To Launch With iOS 5

One Apple fan has created an impressive concept video, which outlines exactly what he – and most of us – are hoping to see in iOS 5: Namely, an improved Voice Control service.

Apple Has Been In Talks With Nuance For Months: Expect To See The Proof In iOS 5

Apple has reportedly been in talks with Nuance (a voice recognition company) for several months, suggesting that the Cupertino, CA company is planning on incorporating more intelligent voice recognition technology within a future version of the iOS.

Jailbreak Only: VoiceActivator - Available Now In The Cydia Store!

VoiceActivator, chpwn's latest jailbreak tweak, is available to download now via the Cydia Store. This clever tweak effectively does the job Apple's built in Voice Control feature should do, allowing users to control virtually every aspect of their iPhone.

Jailbreak Only: VoiceActivator - System Wide Voice Commands, Coming Soon

The jailbreak mastermind, chpwn, has been working on an interesting new tweak. It's called VoiceActivator, it's everything Apple's iOS Voice Control feature should be. The tweak will hopefully be available in the Cydia Store soon.

Jailbreak Only: How To Add Voice Control To Your iPad

Feel like using your iPad in your car, or just looking for some Sunday geekery? Great, because we have just what you need: Voice Control for the iPad.

Video: Jailbroken iPad Running Voice Control

Some skilled folks managed to run Voice Control and Backgrounder on an iPad, check it out.