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Voice Memos

Consolidate Your Notes, Journal, Voice Memos, And Tasks With Notebooks 7

This powerful app will consolidate all of your important notes and tasks in a single place with lots of options for customizing the experience.

Features That Would Make Control Center In iOS 7 Even Better

Here are a few changes we'd like to see in Control Center come fall.

Hands-On Video: The Return Of Apple's Voice Memos App Is Making Waves In iOS 7

While its new icon is arguably unattractive, the new Voice Memos app's interior is anything but.

AppAdvice Daily: iOS 7 Beta 2 Available For iPad

The new beta version of iOS 7 has been released, so watch the show to see all the new stuff we've found so far.

Voice Memos Returns In iOS 7 Beta 2

After being noticeably absent in the first beta version of iOS 7, Voice Memos have returned in iOS 7 beta 2.

Good News: Voice Memos Is Coming Back To iOS 7 - Bad News: It Has An Ugly New Icon

Voice Memos will make a comeback in upcoming seeds of iOS 7 beta.

Um, Apple? You Forgot About The Voice Memos App In iOS 7

Another change in iOS 7: The Voice Memos app has disappeared!

How To Send Audio Recordings Through The Messages App

Have you ever wanted to send an audio message to someone instead of a text message? Learn how to record a message with your device and send it to anyone as an iMessage or MMS.