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Viber gets enhanced spam handling on iOS

Viber is now better equipped to deal with those pesky spammers.

WhatsApp voice calling will arrive on iOS within the next few weeks

The co-founder of Whatsapp Messenger says voice calling will come to iOS within "several weeks."

Facebook Brings Free VoIP Calling To Its iOS Messenger App

Facebook has just added a new calling feature to its free Facebook Messenger app.

New Images Purportedly Show WhatsApp's New Voice Calling Feature

The first images have been released reportedly showing the VoIP feature on WhatsApp Messenger.

GlobePhone By TextPlus Offers Low Cost International Calling Through Wi-Fi

The new app offers international calls for as little as $0.02 per minute.

Popular Skype Rival Viber Acquired By Rakuten For $900 Million

Viber has been acquired by the Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten for $900 million.

AT&T CEO Calls Data-Only Smartphone Plans 'Inevitable'

It looks like, for once, providers and subscribers are on the same page regarding the future of wireless.

The Recently Updated Rebtel VoIP App Can Switch Between Voice And Data Networks

Rebtel is a VoIP app like no other. Read more to find out how.

T-Mobile's Bobsled Brings Free Cross-Platform Calls To iPhone

T-Mobile has recently made its Bobsled VoIP service available in the iOS App Store.

Make Unlimited Free Calls To United States And Canada Numbers With MagicJack's New iOS App

MagicJack is hoping to nudge those looking for a VoIP solution away from the competition with the new FREE Calls with magicJack app.

Jailbreak Only: GVIntegrated - Make Google Voice A Real Part Of The iOS

If you're a Google Voice user, consider downloading GVIntegrated. This new jailbreak tweak integrates Google Voice within the iOS, allowing users to make calls via the service from the built-in Phone app.

Microsoft Has Acquired Skype - But What Does This Mean For iOS? [Updated: Microsoft Confirms Deal]

According to a variety of reports, Skype – the popular VoIP service – has very recently been acquired by Microsoft for $8.5 billion, in a deal that will be announced tomorrow morning.

Talkatone Updated: Now Send Free SMS Messages Over Wi-Fi Or 3G

The popular Google Voice VoIP app, Talkatone, has recently received a great update. Now, users of the app can send SMS messages using Talkatone for free.

Fone: Facebook Phone Calls, For Free

A slick new VoIP app lets you call your Facebook friends without using your cell phone minutes, anywhere in the world. It’s as easy to use as chat, and now, it’s free.

Viber Hits 10 Million Downloads – Will Add Texting & Other Platforms

Great news from Viber HQ; according to Techcrunch, the free VoIP service that launched just two months ago has hit 10 million downloads in the App Store. Viber is starting to become an ever-growing threat for Skype on the iOS platform. A feat as remarkable as this is hard to achieve in such a short period of time.

New AppGuide: VOIP Apps For iOS

The iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch are all fantastic devices to make free or low cost VOIP calls. There are tons of different solutions available. This AppGuide will guide you through the best out there for iOS.

Win A Free Year Of TextNow Calling For Christmas!

With Christmas right around the corner, we’re happy to announce that we have partnered, once again, with Enflick, the developers of the extremely popular TextNow app. We'll be giving away a bunch of free yearly and monthly subscription packages for their voice services.

Fring Updated: Adds "Dynamic Video Quality" Technology

The popular VoIP iOS client, fring, has recently been updated. Now, users of the application can take advantage of the app's "Dynamic Video Quality" technology, which makes the experience of calling with fring a whole lot better. Read on to find out more ...

Viber: Free Phone Calls For iPhone - A Serious Skype Competitor?

Viber is a new iOS application that allows users to make free calls over Wi-Fi, and over a cellular data network. Read on to find out more ...

New Applist: Have An iPod Touch? Turn It Into An iPhone!

Have an iPod? Want an iPhone? We have apps for that.

Does The MicroCell Hate The iPhone?

One of the most prevalent iPhone issues is reception, and AT&T has started rolling out a new device that could solve those issues. Unfortunately, it appears that the solution has its own problems.

Cisco Wants Some FaceTime

While Cisco is the predominant provider of commercial networking equipment, they have also become a prominent provider of commercial VoIP phone systems. They've accomplished this by integrating well with their customer's existing infrastructure. Now, it appears they want to integrate with FaceTime as well.

Skype Now Threatens Fring With Legal Action

According to a recent statement released by fring, support for Skype has been dropped from the app "following threat of legal action". Read on to find out more, including comments from fring's CEO.