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walt disney world

For some partner stores and apps, Apple Pay won't be 'coming later this year' after all

It has become apparent that Apple Pay won’t be “coming later this year” to some partner stores and apps after all.

Walt Disney World to accept Apple Pay beginning this week

Walt Disney World is scheduled to begin accepting Apple Pay on Christmas Eve.

Walt Disney World Replacing Concrete Turnstiles With iPod Touches

On your next visit to Walt Disney World, your likely to see many iPod touches used by "cast members."

AppAdvice Jr: The Best Apps For Visiting Disney World

Planning on visiting Disney World in Orlando anytime soon? Keep your iDevice handy because it can be a valuable mouskatool.

Walt Disney World Using iPads For Improved 'FastPass' System

Walt Disney World is testing a new "FastPass" service that uses the iPad.

Walt Disney World Pro Brings Disney To Your iPhone

The all-in-one app for Disney-goers. Contains detailed descriptions of attractions, restaurants, and resorts at Walt Disney World Orlando.

Review: Toy Story Mania

Toy Story Mania is may be one of the best games for the iPhone thus far. With its superb graphics, comforting tie-in to the animated classic, and addictive gameplay, this game is definitely a winner--but is it right for you?