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Get Zen With Ripple HD — And We Have Promo Codes!

Are you a fan of sand-combing apps, nature sound apps, and other relaxation apps? If so, then you will probably enjoy the new universal app Ripple HD.

Conserving Water Can Be Challenging!

A new version of the classic plumbing game. Same addicting idea, new levels.

Take Your iPhone Underwater With Submerged

You don't actually take your iPhone underwater to use this app, but it does let you take a peek at what it would look like if you did. For $.99 this is a photography app that everyone should have.

Thirsty Pete: Advocating The Most Important Beverage

Let Thirsty Pete remind you why you should be drinking water. He has a "Wee Checker" to diagnose your current hydration level.

Autodesk Fluid FX Now Available

The graphics masterminds at Autodesk have brought their amazing photo manipulating skills to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with their new app, Fluid FX.