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Create Personalized Quizzes And Surveys With Tabletquiz

Tabletquiz is a neat concept. It offers some useful features, such as the ability to include picture, video, or audio. However, its user interface could still use a bit of polish. It's been proven that Web apps can be successful outside of Apple's App Store ecosystem. But the installation process for Tabletquiz involves a number of tedious steps, which most casual quiz/survey takers won't want to take.

Lenny Liang

Web App Allows You To Fake Siri Messages

There has been much fascination with the things that Siri says. Now, you can put words in Siri's virtual mouth. A Web app has been released on which allows users to create their own conversations with Siri.

Lenny Liang

Reuters: Financial Times' Web App Has Attracted More Than 700,000 Readers

Back in June, the Financial Times decided to ditch the App Store and produced a Web app, due to Apple's controversial in-app subscription policy. Now, in a report recently publish by Reuters, it is claimed that the Web app has attracted over 700,000 readers, making it more popular than the iOS application was before it was removed from the App Store.

Joe White