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Under iOS 8, All Third-Party Web Browsers Can Be As Fast As Safari

Apple is making third-party Web browsers more powerful with iOS 8.

Cydia Tweak: Canopy For iOS 7 Turns Safari Into The Best iOS Web Browser Out There

Give Safari the gift of new features with Canopy for iOS 7.

Chrome For iOS Adds Enhanced Omnibox Support For Right-To-Left Languages

Chrome for iOS has received a small but useful update.

AirWeb For Apple TV Can Add A Browser To Your Set-Top Box

AirWeb can add a Web browsing experience to Apple's set-top box.

Is Your Web Browser Compatible With iWork For iCloud Beta?

Apple's iWork for iCloud is impressive, but not every Web browser is supported.

Coast By Opera Brings A Fresh New Way To Browse The Web On Your iPad

Coast by Opera is a refreshing new web browser for your iPad. We mentioned it earlier in the week, but took it for a full test drive.

Microsoft Uses iOS To Promote Internet Explorer

Microsoft wants to remind you that Internet Explorer is not your father's browser.

MultiWeb 1.0 Is The Latest Entry Of Simultaneous Multiple Page Web Browsers For iPad

Recently jumping into the category of simultaneous multi-page web browsers for iPad, MultiWeb 1.0 hopes to compete by offering a simple user interface and up to four page simultaneous viewing.

Updated AppGuide: Best iPhone Browsers

This AppGuide wades through the many third party browsers available for the iPhone to find the ones with the best features and extras.

A Chance To Win 360 Web Browser For iPhone Or iPad

AppAdvice has once again teamed up with Digital Poke in order to offer you a chance to win 360 Web Browser ($.99) for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

New iDownloader Pro Is A Mobile Safari And Download Manager For The iPhone And iPad

New iDownloader Pro brings desktop style file management and downloads to the iPad and iPhone. It's a locked down package, but its certainly better than Mobile Safari.

A Chance To Win A 360 Web Browser Promo Code With A Retweet Or Comment

AppAdvice has once again teamed up with the hard working folks at Digital Poke in order to offer you a chance to win the latest and greatest version of 360 Web Browser.

Opera Mini Web Browser Updated: Improvements & Fixes Made

The popular iOS app Opera Mini Web Browser has recently received an update, which makes a variety of improvements and fixes to the application.

iChromy Updated: Chrome-Style iPad Browsing Just Got Better

The popular Safari alternative, iChromy, has just received an update. Now, users of the Chrome-style iPad Web browser can take advantage of improved privacy settings (including "Incognito Mode"), a more efficient and stable experience, and a variety of bug fixes.

Opera Mini Web Browser Updated: Now A Universal iOS App, With Native Support For The iPad

The popular Safari alternative, Opera Mini Web Browser (free), has recently been updated. Now, the application is universal – meaning it’ll run natively on the iPad, as well as the iPhone and iPod touch.

360 Web Browser Becomes Magical, Adds Plugins Central, And Gains More Multi-Touch Gestures

Digital Poke is still working to make their Safari alternative a must-have for everyone. 360 Web Browser v3.1 adds several convenience features, brings back iTunes File Sharing, and has some performance improvements.

iCab Mobile Updated - Offers A "Real Offline Mode"

The popular iOS Web browser, iCab Mobile (Web Browser), has recently been updated. Now, users of the app can take advantage of a "real offline mode," which uses a new disk Cache feature - allowing fans to revisit webpages without an Internet connection.

QuickAdvice: Portal Brings A Unique New Look To Full Screen Web Browsing On Your iPhone

Web browsing is just whole lot better when it's being done in a full screen browser. Portal gives you full screen browsing in a nice, sleek interface. How well does it work? Read on to find out.

Multitasking Browser For iPad Lets You Do More While Surfing

Multitasking Browser for iPad offers to improve your web browsing experience by providing access to a secondary web browsing window.