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Samsung webOS Could Take On iOS And Android

Samsung is rumored to be interested in purchasing webOS from HP, according to news first reported by Apple Insider. The move, if correct, could worsen the already strained relationship between Apple and the South Korean tech giant.

Bryan M. Wolfe

iPad Excels At WebOS Just Like The Mac At Windows

We know that the iPad played a big role in the demise of HP and WebOS. Yet, we're starting to hear more details about what happened behind the scenes, and apparently, the iPad's technical superiority might have played just as big of a role as its incredible sales.

Alexander Vaughn

Palm Guru Returns to Apple

A key leader at Palm is heading back to Apple following a four-year absence. Rich Dellinger, largely credited with bringing the "wow" to the webOS is Apple's new Senior IU Designer.

Bryan M. Wolfe