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Get healthier with the Digital Smart Wireless Body Fat Scale

This Bluetooth-compatible scale helps you monitor your weight and other health parameters on your iPhone.

Manage and track your weight goals with these iPhone apps

Become healthier and reach your goal weight by finding your ideal weight tracking app.

Updated AppGuide: Weight Trackers for iPhone

In this AppGuide, we compare iPhone apps that will help you track your weight with ease.

Keep An Eye On Your Weight With These iPad Apps

Your iPad can be a helpful device to help you monitor your weight.

Let Your iPhone Help You Get Healthier With These Calorie Counters

Find the calorie-counting iPhone app that best fits you with this new AppGuide.

Stay Committed To Your Diet With These IPad Apps

Tired of making the same resolution to lose weight? Get the results you want this year with the help of your iPad and these apps!

AppLists And AppGuides To Help Start The New Year Off Right

This collection of AppLists and AppGuides can help you make 2012 your best year yet.

AppList Updated: Apps To Help You Get In Shape

Did you make a new year's resolution to get into better shape this year? These apps can help.

AppList Updated: Apps To Help You Get In Shape

No, your iPhone won’t go to the gym in your stead, but it can do some of the work of getting in shape for you. From customized workouts (at home or in the gym) to healthy meal planning (whether you’re cooking or dining out), there is an app to help with every aspect of creating a healthier lifestyle.

New AppGuide: Weight Tracking For iPad

Your iPad can be a great tool to track your weight. Many apps can display nice graphs to showcase your progress. There are even Wi-Fi scales that can enter the info for you. We compare the best options for iPad users in this AppGuide.

QuickAdvice: Follow Your Weight, Blood Pressure, And Sugar With HealthTracker For iPad

HealthTracker for iPad is a complete health tracking application. It allows you to monitor three major health areas; blood sugar, blood Pressure, and body mass index. It relies on the user inputing correct information, but if used properly can be very helpful.

New AppGuide: Best iPad Calorie Counter

Keeping track of your diet and calories can be tricky sometimes. The iPad can be a great tool to stay on top of your diet. This AppGuide will help guide you through some of the best ones...

Review: Diet Tracker

Diet Tracker gives a better way for you to record all your dietary consumptions! Now you can keep track of your meals and compile precise nutritional information without the bulk and embarrassment of scribbling in a notebook!