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white iphone

A 17 year-old entrepreneur who first made news in November for offering white iPhone 4 parts via his website has now officially met Apple’s wrath. Queens, New York native, Fei Lam and his parents are being sued by the technology giant.

Consumer Reports has examined the new white iPhone 4, and has determined it is exactly the same size as the original black iPhone 4 model. Accordingly, both models are 0.37 inches in thickness. This news follows numerous reports indicating that the white iPhone was noticeably thicker than its black counterpart.

Apple Announces The White iPhone 4 - Coming Tomorrow

Following almost 10 months of desperate wait, Apple has finally managed to overcome the difficulties preventing it from shipping the white iPhone 4. In a press release just moments ago, Apple announced that the device will be made all around the world starting tomorrow.

Alexander Vaughn

The White iPhone: Why Now? [Updated]

On your next visit to the local Apple Retail Store, Best Buy, or Walmart, be sure to check out the white iPhone 4, expected to be available nationwide as early at today. Long forgotten, the infamous iPhone arrives nearly 11 months after it was supposed to debut.

Bryan M. Wolfe

Stores Making Room For White iPhone

Indications on the ground indicate the long delayed white iPhone 4 should be showing up at stores worldwide very soon. But unless Verizon changes its mind, you will only be able to buy an AT&T model.

Bryan M. Wolfe