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Is it too early for 'Apple Watch 2?'

Rumors of an April launch of the next-generation Apple Watch are heating up.

Meet Luma, a new device to better control your home Wi-Fi network

Using a companion iOS app, you can set rules for each user and monitor what your kids are viewing.

Keep an eye on your iOS 9 mobile data if you have poor Wi-Fi

A hidden feature in iOS 9 is helpful, but it could cost you a lot of money.

Apple's iPhone 6 handsets offer some smart Wi-Fi and LTE improvements

Apple has made some improvements in the wireless department to its new iPhones.

Steve Jobs wanted to give everyone access to free Wi-Fi

Steve Jobs once advocated open, shared home Wi-Fi.

Cydia tweak: BetterWiFi7 brings enhanced Wi-Fi options to iOS devices

Take control of Wi-Fi on iOS using the recently released BetterWiFi7.

Cydia tweak: The upcoming Vestigo brings smart Wi-Fi management to iOS

This upcoming jailbreak tweak makes Wi-Fi management more advanced on Apple's iOS.

Broadcom's New 5G 802.11ac Wi-Fi Chip Could Make An Appearance In The iPhone 6

Broadcom's latest Wi-Fi chip could help bring 802.11ac to the iPhone 6.

Pilot Program In New York Makes It Easy To FaceTime Home With Free Wi-Fi

An interesting pilot program in New York is adding Wi-Fi to pay phone kiosks.

Some Users Having Wi-Fi Issues With The New iPad

While the new iPad may be literally and figuratively hotter than its predecessor, some users are being plagued with chilly Wi-Fi reception.

AT&T Global Network Client: Enable Access To AT&T Wi-Fi Hotspots

AT&T Global Network Client is a new iPhone application, which is currently available to download in the App Store for free.

"AirLocation" Enables Accurate GPS On Wi-Fi-Only iPad

"AirLocation" seeks to partner any Wi-Fi-only iPad with any newer iPhone for capable, big-screen GPS tracking.

Wi-Fi Sync 2.0 Arrives Through Cydia Store In December

If Apple could give each of its customers one holiday present this year, I would suggest it be Wi-Fi syncing. It would be nice to throw away the USB cords and sync the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad over the air. Of course, jailbreakers can do this already. Read more...

Jailbreak Only: FaceBreak - Another Way To Use FaceTime Over 3G

If you're looking to take FaceTime on the road, why not take a look at FaceBreak - a new tweak which allows jailbroken iPhone 4 users to make FaceTime calls over a 3G network. Read on to find out more!

AT&T Offloading Data Service To Wi-Fi In Troubled Areas

In some of AT&T's most troubled areas, they have come up with an alternate solution to their problems. AT&T is trying to offload their data traffic to Wi-Fi.