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wild blood

Top Three New Games Of The Week

Blast it up with a new 3D physics puzzler, stress your brain with some six-sided madness and finally get willd in your blood with Gameloft's latest title. We have the best games of the week on today's AppAdvice Daily.

AppAdvice Game Of The Week For September 14, 2012

With a bonus game this week, we have a little something for everyone with our top game picks!

Wild Blood Infuses The King Arthur Legend With Carnage

This game combines the awesome graphics of the Unreal Engine with the legendary tale of Sir Lancelot. But this isn’t your medieval literature’s version of Lancelot. This is a kick butt, take charge story, just like Apocalypse Knights.

Wild Blood: Sir Lancelot And King Arthur Do Battle In Gameloft's Newest Game

Gameloft's Wild Blood has arrived for iOS devices.

Trailer For Gameloft's First Unreal Game, Wild Blood Goes Live

A teaser for Gameloft's first Unreal Engine 3 game is out. Expect lots of gore.