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Review roundup: what kind of splash has the iPad Pro made?

Let's take a look at what reviewers are starting to say about the iPad Pro before you go buy one.

Publishers can provide early and exclusive access to content via Apple News

The new app officially landed earlier this week with iOS 9.

Artist Uses Apple Store To Secretly Snap Blank-Faced Computer Users

Kyle McDonald walks the fine line between high art and high crime.

Be Careful Zinio, Next Issue Offers Unlimited Magazines On The iPad For One Monthly Price

Too good to be true? Next Issue app promises all of your magazines on the iPad for one low monthly price.

More Condé Nast Titles Arrive In App Store With Subscriptions

Condé Nast continued adding to its list of iPad titles that include subscriptions. Vanity Fair, Glamour, Golf Digest and Allure are each now available in the App Store. Each issue sells for $1.99 or $19.99 for a one-year subscription, both as in-app purchases. Current print subscribers also have free access to the digital versions.

E-Magazines Won't Survive Simply By Offering Freebie Issues

Thanks to a sponsorship from Adobe, the May 2011 issue of Wired Magazine for iPad is being made available for free when it is released later today in the App Store. But, are freebies the way to get new readers of e-magazines?

Bloomsberg Businessweek+ Arrives On iPad Along With Terrific Subscription Offer

Bloomberg Businessweek has agreed to the terms of Apple’s iTunes subscription service and has released an iPad app. The publication, which is distributed weekly, comes with an attractive subscription fee and is free to current print subscribers.

Consumer Reports Digital Edition: Not Recommended

Consumer Reports magazine, the venerable publication trusted by millions for its product reviews and recommendations, is now available as an iPad app. Regrettably, it is a disappointment.

Apple Needs A Subscription Model; Magazine Sales On iPad Continue To Drop

Despite initial strong demand, magazine sales on the iPad continue to fall. Until Apple changes its magazine policies, look for these numbers to deteriorate further.

Security Leak: Free iPad Magazine Downloads

A security leak has been uncovered that could allow you to download free issues of Wired Magazine on the iPad! Read more...

Sports Illustrated iPad App Loses Key Function, Apple To Blame

In a move to show their frustration with how Apple allows digital magazines to be sold in the App Store, the folks at Sports Illustrated have removed a key feature from their app. Read More...

More Chatter About Possible T-Mobile iPhone

Another rumor points to T-Mobile getting the iPhone sometime in 2011. Read More...

Apple To Strike Deal With T-Mobile, Says Wired Chief

What's this? More T-Mobile iPhone rumors? You'd better read on...

Popular Mechanics "Previews" Its iPad Edition

Popular Mechanics has produced a special iPad-only edition of its magazine.

Appisode 145: Hulu In The App Store, Robin Gets Fat And TomTom Winners Announced

Hulu is finally available on the iPhone, so why are people so upset? I'll give you the details. Wired magazine for the iPad drops its price, plus we have a new wacky app that has me putting on the pounds. And don't think I forgot - I'll let you guys know who won that TomTom contest. We have all this and more on today's App Advice Daily.

Move Over Wired Magazine, There's A New Kid In Town

The Popular Mechanics iPad app is due to hit the App Store in about a month's time. Check out the comparison between PopMech and the current king of magazine apps; Wired Magazine!

Wired iPad App = Huge Success, Sells 24,000 Copies Within 24 Hours

The following events occur in real time: the new WIRED Magazine iPad application sells 24,000 copies within 24 hours.

Appisode 131: Wired Hits The App Store, Wacky Apps And Fun Giveaways

Are you ready to get Wired? Well, the first edition of Wired magazine for the iPad has just hit the App store. We have a brand new Wacky App and an awesome giveaway that will have everyone saying bahhh - as in sheep. We have all this and more on todays AppAdvice Daily.

Wired Magazine For The iPad Goes Live

It's finally here folks, Wired Magazine for the iPad is now available in the store.

Adobe Rewriting The Wired iPad App... In Objective C

Remember Wired's iPad app? It might still arrive, but rewritten in Objective C.