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Another Carrier Not Named T-Mobile Joins iPhone Parade

On April 20, a fifth U.S. carrier will begin selling the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4. nTelos, a regional carrier that provides service in Virginia and West Virginia, and in parts of Maryland, Ohio, Kentucky, and North Carolina, today announced it would start selling Apple’s handset in two weeks.

New AppList: Multi-Player iPhone Games

iOS 3.0 brought P2P gaming to iOS, letting you play against your friends over Bluetooth or WiFi. Here are some of the best apps that take advantage of that capability.

PairShare: Wirelessly Share Music Over Bluetooth

PairShare is a relatively new iOS app that allows users to wirelessly share music over Bluetooth. Currently, the app is available to download for free - however, a recurring pop up means users are going to want to pay $2.99 via an in app purchase to disable the message, if they want to actually use the app.

HP's iPrint App Goes 3.0, Gets Many New Features

While the "HP iPrint Photo" was originally created to simply print photos wirelessly to HP printers, it has grown into much more.

AT&T Offloading Data Service To Wi-Fi In Troubled Areas

In some of AT&T's most troubled areas, they have come up with an alternate solution to their problems. AT&T is trying to offload their data traffic to Wi-Fi.

Print Directly From Your iPhone Or iPad For Only $99

The capabilities of Apple's iDevices have been expanding. Document viewing and editing have become more common, bringing a growing need for printing capability. Luckily, HP is now offering a simple, inexpensive solution that will do just that.

iPhone 4 Brings Better Wi-Fi, Or Does It?

The iPhone 4 supposedly has an updated WiFi radio, which is advertised to add 802.11N support. However, some wireless aficionados quickly cried foul once they found out the details.

Why Jailbreak: Wi-Fi Sync

Wi-Fi Sync gives you, as you can probably guess, wireless syncing for your iPhone, iPod Touch and your iPad. No more cables, no more hassle. Read on to find out more.

iBooks for iPhone Will Wirelessly Sync with iPad, Kindle Style

iBooks for the iPhone will wirelessly sync, to keep you in your place.