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wireless charging

Apple reportedly working on new wireless charging tech for iOS devices

As soon as next year, we may be able to say “good riddance” to Apple’s fraying-prone iPhone and iPad charging cables.

The Stack Pack is a wireless charging system for the iPhone 6s/6 and 6s/6 Plus

Instead of needing to juice up the phone itself, the ecosystem is highlighted by a Power Pack and wireless wall plug.

NYT: The ‘iWatch’ will feature wireless charging and a flexible display

The report also says the next-generation iPhone will offer a one-handed mode that will make using a larger screen easier.

MFi 'Stream' Case Launches On Kickstarter, Offers Qi Wireless Charging For iPhone

This new Kickstarter project offers backers an MFi (Made for iPhone) Qi wireless charging case.

Duracell Brings iPhone-Compatible Wireless Charging To US Starbucks Stores

Duracell's iPhone-compatible wireless charging solution is coming to a Starbucks near you.

Review: iPort’s Charge Case And Stand Brings Wireless Nirvana To iPad Air Users

This all-in-one package can charge Apple’s slim tablet in either landscape or portrait orientation.

CES 2014: iPort Introduces A Unique All-In-One Charger, Case And Dock Solution For iPads

The Charge Case and Stand for the iPad Air and second-generation iPad mini can be preordered now and will ship in February.

AppAdvice Goes Hands-On With The iQi Mobile Wireless Charger For iPhone

This is likely the closest we'll ever get to charging our iPhones wirelessly using a seamless, unobtrusive, and native-feeling solution.

Apple Patent Details Wireless Charging Solution With An iPad Smart Cover

The ubiquitous iPad Smart Cover might one day become much more powerful.

Cutting The Cord: Apple Applies For Another Wireless Charging Patent

Apple has submitted a second patent application for wireless charging technology.

New Patent Shows Another Way We Might Be Charging Our iOS Devices Someday

Another recently published patent continues to show that Apple is exploring a number of new and different ways for users to charge their devices.

Hacker Makes His Own Wireless iPhone 4S Charging Solution

Who needs an Apple patent to bring wireless charging to an iOS device? A London hacker has developed a caseless solution to wirelessly charge his iPhone 4S.

Apple Granted Patent For Wireless Charging System

Apple has been awarded a patent for a system to wirelessly charge the iPhone or iPod touch.

New Apple Patent Suggests Wireless Charging May Be Coming Soon

A recently filed patent application suggests that Apple may be planning on adding a wireless charging feature to its products soon.

Universal Wireless Charger More Than Just A Dream?

Have you ever wished you could charge your iDevice using an inductive pad, Touchstone style? Well, universal wireless charging has become more of a reality this past week. Read on to find out how...