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Wolfgang Augustin

Best new apps of the week: Breaking and Week Weather

Stay on top of headlines that matter to you and plan out your activities depending on the weather with our top apps for the week!

Week Weather is a slick app that brings a new approach to the forecast

Planning ahead due to weather has never been easier thanks to Week Weather from Wolfgang Augustin.

Innovative Google Reader App Reader X Reinvented With Version 2.0

Reader X 2.0 signifies a reinvention of the app. Be that as it may, Reader X remains programmed to be a "wallpaper of all your Google Reader news."

App Showdown: Stay Current with Reeder, Mr. Reader, Reader X And Newsify

RSS is definitely not dead, despite what most people say. This week, we compare the best Google Reader apps for your iOS devices! Is your favorite here?

Reader X Innovates The RSS App On The iPad

Want a more visual way to see your Google Reader account? Reader X can help out with that.