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Martin Rooney's Very Own Pushup App

Pushup Warrior is the first app by Martin Rooney to feature his world renowned workouts. This app features all of his pushup workouts as well video demonstrations. The ultimate app for anyone who is serious about fitness.

Greg Young

AppGuide: Best GPS Activity Loggers

GPS is one of the many features that makes the iPhone so great, but what makes that GPS even better are the apps that go with it. This AppGuide will be your guide in finding an activity logger that can track you running, hiking, skiing, biking etc. and give you realtime results on how you are doing.

Greg Sapienza

Keep Fit With FITNESS Magazine's Great iPhone App!

If you're looking for a great iPhone workout app, then be sure to check out Fitness Express Workouts. This great app includes a variety of fifteen-minute workout videos which target several different aspects of your physique. Read on to find out more...

Joe White

Your iPhone May Become Your Personal Trainer

In the latest of a series of fitness-related patent filings, Apple aims to turn your iPhone into a personal fitness coach. While the patent filing is mainly just a collection of concepts, some of those concepts are quite impressive.

Scott Grizzle