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WWDC '11

Apple Adds "Custom Vibrations" In iOS 5

Another handy feature Apple has added in iOS 5 is "Custom Vibrations." This handy feature allows users to compose their own vibration patterns within the Settings app.

Twitter's New Photo Service Is Already Inside iOS 5

Twitter might have the official release of its photo service for later week, but iOS developers can access it ahead of everyone else. That's right, the service is built-in to the first beta version of iOS 5, which was released yesterday.

Apple's iCloud Beta Available Today - iTunes In The Cloud

Apple is releasing a beta version of its cloud-based service - iCloud - today.

Apple Brings Photos To The Cloud, Unveils "Photo Stream"

Apple has just unveiled a brand new iCloud feature, which will launch with iOS 5 - "Photo Stream."

Apple's iWork Apps Will Integrate With iCloud

Apple has just announced that its iWork suite (which is compatible with all of the company's iOS devices) will integrate seamlessly with iCloud.

Apple Announces Another iCloud Feature: Apps In The Cloud

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has just announced another amazing cloud feature - iOS applications stored in the cloud.

Apple Gives Mail App A Makeover In iOS 5

Apple has just announced major improvements to the Mail app, which will feature in iOS 5.

Apple Outlines "Reminders" At WWDC Keynote

Apple's Scott Forstall has just outlined a new feature of iOS 5 called "Reminders."

Apple Announces New iOS Feature - Notifications

Apple has just announced iOS 5, and one of the major features added is an improved notification system.

Apple Announces iOS 5 At WWDC Keynote

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has just announced iOS 5 on stage at WWDC's keynote presentation.

Apple Talks Mac OS X Lion: Will Be Available In The Mac App Store Only For $29.99

Today, at its WWDC keynote address, Apple unveiled Mac OS X Lion. The upcoming version of Apple's desktop operating system will be able to purchase in July (from the Mac App Store only) for $29.99, and it'll weigh-in at four gigabytes.

Apple's WWDC Keynote Begins - Follow Along At Our AppAdvice Live Blog

Apple's WWDC keynote presentation is now underway. For all the information as it happens, be sure to tune-in to our live blog. You can visit it on the Web at, or view it inside the AppAdvice app.

Two Covered Banners At WWDC Keynote Could Hint At A New iPhone?

Over at the Moscone Center, we've just noticed two hidden banners - possibly suggesting that Apple will announce an exciting surprise towards the end of its keynote presentation, as a "one more thing."

Our AppAdvice WWDC Keynote Live Blog Is On & Waiting For You

That’s right, while Apple’s WWDC keynote presentation is set to kick-off in one hour’s time, our live blog is already buzzing.

Daring Fireball's John Gruber Talks Last-Minute WWDC 2011 Expectations

John Gruber waxes optimistic about tomorrow's iCloud and iOS 5 announcements.

Don't Forget - We'll Be Covering Today's WWDC Keynote Live

This morning, Steve Jobs and a team of Apple executives will announce iOS 5 and iCloud. And your favorite iOS news resource - AppAdvice, of course! - will be covering the event live.

New Video Hits The Web - If Only The iOS Was This Magical!

A new video has hit the Web, outlining an imagined version of the iOS that really is "magical."

Breaking: 400,000 iOS Applications Now Available In The App Store

A massive 400,000 iOS applications are now available to download in Apple’s App Store.

Here's Another iOS 5 Concept Video To Get You Excited For WWDC

Another interesting iOS 5 concept has hit the Web, which outlines two ideas Jan Michael-Cart calls "dynamic icons" and "app previews."

God Bless England: London Apple Fans To Watch Keynote In Pub, With Beer

A group of avid Apple fans are planning on watching WWDC's keynote presentation live, in a pub, with beer.

Apple To Pay Between $100 Million & $150 Million In Advanced Payments To Labels

Apple reportedly has four major music labels on board for iCloud, but how much did that cost the Cupertino, CA company?

Apple Starts Adorning The Moscone With WWDC Signage

Apple’s WWDC event is less than a week away, and in preparation the company has started decorating the Moscone Center.

Another Interesting iOS 5 Concept Hits The Web

Another iOS 5 concept has been spotted online, but this time things are a little different. The concept - imagined by Federico Bianco - exists in the form of a keynote slideshow, not only giving viewers an idea of some features we hope will be included in iOS 5, but also a glimpse of how they may be unveiled to the world on June 6.

"Back To School" Announcement Could Be Made At WWDC, Discounted iPads For Students?

Apple's "Back to School" promotion could be announced at WWDC, according to a recent report. Furthermore, the company is rumored to be planning on offering a $200 iPad discount as part of the program, along with free and discounted iPod models.