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Microsoft could take on Apple TV with smaller Xbox One device

The Apple TV could be about to face some stiff competition from none other than Microsoft.

Microsoft optimizes Xbox One SmartGlass for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Microsoft has just issued a small yet nonetheless notable update to Xbox One SmartGlass.

Microsoft updates Xbox One SmartGlass with game clip recording and more features

Xbox One SmartGlass has received yet another significant update.

Microsoft updates Xbox One SmartGlass for iOS with remote purchasing and more features

Microsoft has just released a major update to Xbox One SmartGlass for iOS.

Soon you can stream TV shows from your Xbox One to the SmartGlass iOS app

Xbox One is set to be updated with the ability to stream TV right onto the Xbox One SmartGlass companion app for iOS.

Microsoft Updates Xbox One SmartGlass For iOS With Various Improvements

Microsoft has released a major update to Xbox One SmartGlass, the official iOS companion app of the latest generation of its video game console.

Microsoft Updates Xbox One SmartGlass For iOS With Several Enhancements

Microsoft has just issued the first major update to Xbox One SmartGlass for iOS.

Microsoft Releases Xbox One SmartGlass iOS Companion App For Its Next-Gen Console

Ahead of the launch of its next-generation video game console, Microsoft has just released Xbox One SmartGlass, the official iOS companion app of Xbox One.

Microsoft Launches New Xbox Music Streaming iOS Application

Microsoft has launched a new, interesting iPhone application in the App Store.

Ad-Supported YouTube App Could Arrive On iOS Devices Soon

Get ready! An ad-supported YouTube app is likely to arrive soon courtesy of Google.

Microsoft, Barnes & Noble Could Announce Something X-traordinary Later Today

The world's first Xbox-powered tablet could arrive later today.

Microsoft Also Releases Halo Waypoint: A Must-Have For Halo Gamers

Besides launching OneNote, an XBOX Live app, SkyDrive for iPhone and an iOS version of Kinectimals, Microsoft has also released a free Halo: Reach companion application for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The app, Halo Waypoint, can provide users with information on the online multiplayer aspect of the game, such as weapon and vehicle locations, player stats and more.

Say What? — Microsoft Releases Kinectimals On iOS

Microsoft released their Xbox 360 game, Kinectimals, in the App Store today.

Game Makers Argue Over Strength Of Gaming On Apple TV

If Apple transitions its Apple TV into a gaming console, would it be successful? Read more ...

Is The Gaming Industry Being Killed By The App Store?

Is the App Store killing traditional gaming? One developer seems to think so. Read more...

Organize And Trade Your Console Games with GameBook Mobile

Have some old console games that you're thinking about trading in? Then you need GameBook Mobile, an upcoming iPhone app for getting you the best deal on your used games.

Review: Gravity Well

It's kind of like pinball, it's kind of like mini-golf, and's kind of not. In a sense that's Gravity Well. Using the force of gravity, maneuver the ball into the goal on the far map to advance to the next level. Intrigued? Click here for more...