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Sometimes you just want to relax with your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad after a long day. No work, no email, no news, no challenging games or puzzles. Just a simple game that doesn’t require too much from you. Here are some of our favorite relaxing games.

Karen Freeman

Review: Fox Vs Duck

Fox Vs Duck is a brand new game from the developer of MiniSquadron. It's a crisply designed and smooth flowing game that has a calming overall feeling. Tilt your iDevice to evade the ever hunting Fox and Koi fish. With an already crowded market for this genre, will this app be worth your $0.99? Read on to find out.

Robert Horner

Review: Zen Bound

A simple, yet effect concept that is as much fun to play as it is relaxing. Amazing graphics coupled with a great soundtrack make this app a must have if you're looking for a calming puzzle game with a twist. For more details, click on the link...

Matt Fox