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Test Your Reflexes as You Spin Around and Around in Polyforge

Experience an infinite and serene world of color, shape, and sounds as you challenge yourself in Polyforge.

Prune is an artistic game about cultivating trees

Grow your own digital tree and trim it into a work of art in Prune.

Relax In Your Own Zen Garden With Soothing Reflex Game Zen Circle

This effortless reflex game can keep you occupied in those moments of relaxation we all cherish.

Win A Copy Of Desk Fountain

No need to make room for a zen water fountain on your desk when you can use Desk Fountain.

Win A Copy Of Ripple HD

Do you need some zen in your life?

Win A Copy Of Ripple HD!

Ripple HD has been updated and is more relaxing than ever.

Your Chance To Win Ripple HD

Could your life use a little de-stressing? Have you been looking for an app that could help?

Ripple HD Now Has A Free Version, Plus We Have Promo Codes For The Paid Version

Ripple HD now has a free, ad-supported version. But you can win a copy of the paid version by commenting on this article!

Get Zen With Ripple HD — And We Have Promo Codes!

Are you a fan of sand-combing apps, nature sound apps, and other relaxation apps? If so, then you will probably enjoy the new universal app Ripple HD.

BubbleSand: A New Zen App To Help You Relax

BubbleSand ($0.99) by Zenout Studios is a Zen app that will help you wind down after a long day, or over stimulation on your iPad.

New AppList: Relaxing Games

Sometimes you just want to relax with your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad after a long day. No work, no email, no news, no challenging games or puzzles. Just a simple game that doesn’t require too much from you. Here are some of our favorite relaxing games.

QuickAdvice: Create Beautiful Trees And Get Zen With ARTREE - Plus, Win A Promo Code!

Sit back, relax with iDevice in hand, listen to relaxing music and let ARTREE grow beautiful trees for you. It’s part art (enjoyment, more than creation) and part relaxation. It’s a great way to make custom wallpapers or simply get your zen on.

Review: Fox Vs Duck

Fox Vs Duck is a brand new game from the developer of MiniSquadron. It's a crisply designed and smooth flowing game that has a calming overall feeling. Tilt your iDevice to evade the ever hunting Fox and Koi fish. With an already crowded market for this genre, will this app be worth your $0.99? Read on to find out.

Review: Zen Bound

A simple, yet effect concept that is as much fun to play as it is relaxing. Amazing graphics coupled with a great soundtrack make this app a must have if you're looking for a calming puzzle game with a twist. For more details, click on the link...