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Flipboard to flip Zite shut on Dec. 7

Zite is set to reach its very last page soon.

Flipboard 3.0 features Zite-powered topics, The Daily Edition and more

The third generation of the popular personalized magazine app Flipboard has begun unfolding on iOS.

Theneeds News App Will Help You Get Over The Impending Loss Of Zite

Theneeds is a great alternative to Zite, a popular news app that will eventually be pulled from the App Store.

As Flipboard's Zite Exits, Consider These 4 Alternatives

As we say goodbye to Zite, here are some alternatives.

Flipboard Buys CNN's Zite, Plans To Shutter The Service

Zite is closing down following its acquisition by Flipboard.

Zite Reacts To Google Reader’s Demise While Prepping A New Web Product

The Zite CEO tells AppAdvice about his company's reaction to the end of Google Reader, the decision to create Zite for Web, and more.

Google Reader Is Dead, Long Live These Alternatives

Google Reader ends service on July 1. Here are some alternatives for iOS users.

Watchup Lets You Design Your Very Own Daily Newscast And On Your Schedule

Worried that you don't have time to watch the news? With the Watchup: Your Daily Newscast app, you decide what news you want to see, when, and for how long.

Zite 2.1 Adds Various Improvements, Discards Creepy Staring Owl Icon

Just a couple of months after its last major update, here comes a new major update to the universal personalized magazine app Zite.

Murdoch's The Daily Could Be Kaput By Fall

Once promising iPad app could be at death's door.

Zite's Acquisition By CNN Proves Not All Takeovers Are Bad

While we don’t yet know what changes will come to OMGPOP’s popular Draw Something app or to Instagram, the photo app created by Burbn, the Zite/CNN partnership does suggest not all acquisitions are bad.

Pulse News, Zite Announce Good And Bad Media Moves

More content arrives today for two of the more popular news providers for iOS. Both Pulse News and Zite announced new partnerships with select media publishers. Unfortunately, only one of the two did so successfully.

iWake With AppAdvice For Monday Now Available

Good morning! Today's iWake is now available. webOS apps coming to iOS! Have a listen ...

Our Favorite iOS Personalized Magazine, Zite, Comes To The iPhone

Zite, the popular personalized news magazine for iPad, has arrived on the iPhone/iPod touch. The free Zite app is now universal thanks to an update that became available moments ago in the App Store.

Google Currents Becomes Latest News Aggregator App

An already busy week for news aggregator apps just got more interesting. Google today released its new Currents app for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad. The universal app offers a personalized news experience in a magazine-like format.

Zite Personalized Magazine Becomes NFL Central

Zite, the personalized news magazine for iPad, is now offering NFL coverage for all 32 teams. Naturally, this comes at a great time as the 2011 football season has just began.

Just Announced: CNN Buys Zite

CNN has just announced its planned acquisition of the Zite Personalized Magazine for iPad. The official announcement came at 10:30 a.m. PDT.

Zite Going Corporate As CNN Takes Over

One of our favorite news apps, Zite, is being taken over by CNN. Should we worry?

Why I Stopped Using The Daily (And No, Rupert Murdoch Had Nothing To Do With It)

Last winter, saw the arrival of the first newspaper exclusively for Apple’s iPad The Daily. Like many, I was intrigued by this publication that promised original news for just $.99 per week. After a few months, however, I came to the conclusion that The Daily isn’t worth my time, even for just 14 cents per issue.

Some Of The Best iPad Apps Of 2011, So Far

With July almost over, we’re headed into the final five months of 2011. With that in mind, we thought now would be a great time to look back and consider our favorite iPad apps since January.

Zite Personalized Magazine Updated: Adds In App Browser

The popular digital magazine app, Zite Personalized Magazine (free), has recently received an update.

Flipboard App Now Includes News From The Guardian

Flipboard announced the UK’s The Guardian is the latest media organization to join its expanding news app, according to a Twitter announcement. This news comes just days after Oprah Winfrey also began offering content to the iPad app.

Top AppAdvice News & Apps Of The Past Week

Some giants in media began their fights, as Amazon revealed its cloud. Meanwhile, Angry Birds Rio sold ten million copies in just ten days, while the $41 million Color app joined the App Store and fell flat. Finally, AppAdvice introduced the world to the iPad 2i, but it was all just a joke. These stories and more made news during the last week.