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Zombify your iOS device in time for Halloween with Zemoji

Zemoji can bring a touch of the undead to your iOS keyboard.

Chess meets zombies in the upcoming Kings & Corpses for iOS

The upcoming application is expected to launch on the App Store this Thursday.

April Fools' Joke Becomes A Reality As Zombie Gunship Arcade Launches On iOS

Zombie Gunship Arcade blasts onto the App Store.

Telltale Launches Walking Dead: The Game Season Two In The App Store

Walking Dead: The Game Season Two is now available in the App Store.

Walking Dead: The Game Season 2 Gets Its First Full-Length Trailer

The first full-length trailer for Walking Dead: The Game has surfaced online.

Gun Zombie 2 Blasts Into The US App Store, Offers 'Intense' Shooting Experience For iOS

Gun Zombie 2, the latest iOS app from Glu Games, has launched in the U.S. App Store.

Run, Gun, Hack And Slash In Pine Entertainment's Pocket Avenger

Take on the undead in the brand new Pocket Avenger for iOS.

Baby Lava Bounce To Get The Zombie Treatment In New Game, Zombie Volcano

Baby Lava Bounce is set to get a zombie-inspired makeover.

The Award-Winning DEAD TRIGGER Spawns A Zombie-Infested Sequel

DEAD TRIGGER 2 has just dragged itself into the App Store. Slowly.

Infectonator Spawns An Endless Runner Sequel: Hot Chase

Armor Games has launched Infectonator: Hot Chase in the App Store.

Dead Effect Is A Sci-Fi FPS That Promises To Send Chills Down Your Spine

Dead Effect is a brand new iOS game that mixes horror and sci-fi together in a FPS gaming experience.

This Thursday, 2013: Infected Wars Is Set To Hit The App Store

Action Mobile Games' 2013: Infected Wars is set to launch in the App Store this Thursday, Sept. 5, 2013.

Death Road To Canada: An Upcoming Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Game For iOS

Death Road to Canada is an upcoming iOS game that we're excited about.

Boo! It's Halloween AppAdvice Daily Style!

Today we're celebrating Halloween by checking out some of our favorite Halloween apps from over the years.

Destroy The Pixelated Zombie Hoard In The New 8-Bit Zombie Deadops

A new iPhone game called "8-Bit Zombie Deadops" allows Apple fans to embark on a retro, pixelated mission in which users must save the world (and themselves!) from a zombie invasion.

Wage Ultimate Destruction With Zombie Bunnies

Who would have thought that cute and innocent bunnies could be used to terrorize the world? When an experiment goes wrong, you have to take control of an evil doctor on his quest to destroy everything in sight.

AppList Updated: Apps For Halloween

It's time for Trick Or Treat, when the ghouls come out to eat. Get into the Halloween spirit! These apps will scare and delight the kid in you.

Shove Those Zombies Back Before They Get The Girl In Zombish

If you've ever enjoyed a game of Bejeweled, try this variation of a classic with zombies on your tail.

When Zombies Invade, Who Will Survive?

Simple game defending a house from invading zombies. Entertaining for all ages.

Survive Or Fry With Zombie BBQ

Zombie games are quite plentiful in the App Store. While few live up to the standards of Plants vs. Zombies and ZombieSmash, many have attracted and appealed to zombie-loving gamers. Zombie BBQ looks to make its mark in the zombie genre, but comes up a bit short.

Review: Pro Zombie Soccer Apocalypse Edition - He Shoots, It's A Zombie Headshot

The Pro Zombie Soccer Tour has made it's way to the iPad with an all new apocalypse edition. Now there are a ton more zombies in redesigned levels. Read on to find out all about it.

Dead Rising Mobile; Going To The Mall Has Never Been So Much Fun

CAPCOM has released Dead Rising Mobile, the zombie-bashing game for iOS. Currently, the recently released application is available in the App Store for $4.99 (for a limited time only). Read on to find out more ...

Review: Monster Mayhem - Zombie Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Castle Defense games have taken on tones from medieval fantasy to WWI to scifi and even just simple doodles. Monster Mayhem goes the ever popular zombie route with just about every other pop culture monster thrown in. But can you fingers handle it?

George A. Romero's App Of The Dead Comes To Life

George A. Romero's App of the Dead has hit the App Store. Read on to find out more.