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zombie highway

Today’s apps gone free: TeeVee 3, Noir Run, Zombie Highway and more

Today's AGF list includes an entertainment app, a platformer, and a distance game.

Hit The Road To Smash Zombies All Over Again In Zombie Highway: Driver's Ed

Learning how to get rid of those pesky zombies that like to jump on cars is surely a useful skill, right?

Today's Apps Gone Free: Charadium II HD, Pocketbooth, VideoGrade, And More

Today's AGF list includes a Pictionary-like online multiplayer game for iPad, an app that turns your iDevice into a portable photo booth, and a photography app that allows you to change the look of your videos.

iOS Apps Gone Free: Zombie Highway, Wooords, TuneShout Pro, And More

Survive Zombie Highway using any means necessary, create words in a fridge magnet-like environment, and stream tunes over a local Wi-Fi network with today's AGF list.

Review: Zombie Highway - There's A Zombie On Your Car

You're driving down the road, and zombies are flinging themselves on to your car trying to take you down. You're not going to let that happen, so you scrape against other cars to rip them off, or even shoot them off. Click through to find out all about it.