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Fight desperately to stop the zombie apocalypse in Hero Forces

Get ready to blow away zombies in this first-person shooter's latest update.

Zombify your iOS device in time for Halloween with Zemoji

Zemoji can bring a touch of the undead to your iOS keyboard.

Fight your fear of the walking dead with these games

If you want some more zombie action, these games will keep you killing off the undead for hours.

Save your brains by blowing the heads off Stupid Zombies 3

Stop the zombie invasion one stupid head at a time in this puzzle platform shooter.

Zombie Road Trip Trials update brings new content featuring Flappy Golf world

Zombie Road Trip Trials has just been hit with its first ever content update.

Chess meets zombies in the upcoming Kings & Corpses for iOS

The upcoming application is expected to launch on the App Store this Thursday.

April Fools' Joke Becomes A Reality As Zombie Gunship Arcade Launches On iOS

Zombie Gunship Arcade blasts onto the App Store.

AppAdvice Daily: Horrify Your Workout With Zombies, Run

Run for your brains in the fast paced workout game Zombies, Run. We're giving it our best bite on today's show.

Zombies, Run! Update Brings A Streamlined Look And New Season

With version 3.0, users can even create their own custom interval training workouts.

The Dawn Of The Deadlings: Help The Working Dead In This New Zombie Puzzle Game

Deadlings is a new iOS game that has you helping Death guide zombies in puzzling levels.

Quirky App Of The Day: Grab A Stapler In Cubicle Worker Zombie Slayer

Take out the zombies with your trusty stapler while you fight through offices, neighborhoods, or space.

Quirky App Of The Day: It's Survival Of The Fittest In Zombies 2

Fight your way through as many zombie waves as possible.

Telltale Launches Walking Dead: The Game Season Two In The App Store

Walking Dead: The Game Season Two is now available in the App Store.

Walking Dead: The Game Season 2 Gets Its First Full-Length Trailer

The first full-length trailer for Walking Dead: The Game has surfaced online.

Gun Zombie 2 Blasts Into The US App Store, Offers 'Intense' Shooting Experience For iOS

Gun Zombie 2, the latest iOS app from Glu Games, has launched in the U.S. App Store.

Run, Gun, Hack And Slash In Pine Entertainment's Pocket Avenger

Take on the undead in the brand new Pocket Avenger for iOS.

Quirky App Of The Day: A New Attack Plan In Zombies Vs. Steamroller + Bulldozer

Plow over as many zombies as possible while saving the innocent puppies.

Quirky App Of The Day: Embrace The Melody Of A Zombie Musical

Prevent the scientist, Murdock Smythe from creating zombies by remembering his melodies or which casket he fills with his potion.

Baby Lava Bounce To Get The Zombie Treatment In New Game, Zombie Volcano

Baby Lava Bounce is set to get a zombie-inspired makeover.

Quirky App Of The Day: Dead On Arrival 2 Delivers Some Amazing Goods

Enjoy blasting zombies in this huge industrial park. Decide which doors to open, what traps to activate, and which weapons to buy.

Quirky App Of The Day: Try To Save Your Own Life By Escaping The Zombie Maze

Navigate your way out of this zombie-infested hospital before the undead get you, and you never leave that place again.

The Award-Winning DEAD TRIGGER Spawns A Zombie-Infested Sequel

DEAD TRIGGER 2 has just dragged itself into the App Store. Slowly.

Quirky App Of The Day: Bring The Humans To The Zombie Party

Match three similar zombies to create a new zombie. Keep building these combinations to make as many unique zombies as possible.

Quirky App Of The Day: Build An Army Or Hunt The Undead In Urban Zombie

Watch the zombies grow out of the floor and walls wherever you are in this live action game.