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This Week In Accessories: Zoom iQ5, Yellow Jacket For The iPhone 5s/5 And More

In this edition, we’re highlighting a “shocking” iPhone 5s/5 case, a perfect Valentine's Day gift, and more.

Apple Finally Adds Zoom To Video Recording In The iOS 7 Camera App

Apple has finally added one essential and much-requested feature to the Camera app in iOS 7.

Jailbreak Only: ZoomIsBack! - Tap To Zoom Makes A Triumphant Return To The Camera App

Back in iOS 4, it was possible to zoom in the Camera app by double-tapping an iOS device's screen. However, in iOS 5 Apple removed the feature, replacing it with pinch-to-zoom which, in all honesty, isn't that practical. Now, a new jailbreak tweak called "ZoomIsBack!" brings iOS 4's tap-to-zoom feature to iOS 5.

QuickAdvice: ProCamera - Take the Place of Your Native Camera? - Plus Win A Copy!

ProCamera is an all-around photography app that could actually take the place of your iPhone’s native camera. Take better pictures, and do some basic editing right inside the app. Utilize features already on your camera and a lot more. Plus learn how to win one of five copies.

Let Your iPhone Take You To The Moon

While the iPhone's GPS won't help you navigate on the Moon, the iPhone's camera can be a great way to take pictures of it.

Mega Jump Gets Mega Update

Mega Jump, the colorful cousin of Doodle Jump, just received a massive update. Read on, because there is no way we can post it all in just this brief teaser.

Review: Camera One: ALL-IN-1

The iPhone's camera app really is lacking in features. Would you like to have the ability to zoom, use a self timer and add effects? Camera One offers all these features and more.

Review: Camera Zoom

If you are a fan of iPhone photography, Camera Zoom from KendiTech ($0.99USD) helps bring the action closer to you without crowding your subject.