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Latest News

The Incident Drops Onto the Apple TV With Fun Multiplayer Support

It’s time to climb up and experience this classic game on the big screen.

Changes Are Coming In June to the AT&T Next Program

The second largest carrier in the United States is simplifying its purchase options.

Aerium Provides a Clean and Clear View of Your Weather

With a simple interface, neat descriptions, and handy rain alerts, this new app gives you a fresh way to see the weather.

Apple Releases the First Beta of iOS 9.3.3 to Registered Developers

The new beta version arrives exactly a week after iOS 9.3.2 landed to the general public.

Outrun the Zombies or Become One in Undead City Run

Out-maneuver, outrun, and outlast the zombies in this new endless runner.

Logi BASE From Logitech Charges Your iPad Pro with Smart Connector

Charging your 12.9-inch or 9.7-inch iPad Pro is a snap.

Today’s Apps Gone Free: Smart PDF Scanner, Coinverter, Filibaba Smoothies and More

Today’s AGF list includes a scanner, a currency converter, and a recipe app.

1+1 Has Never Looked Better

As much as we may dislike math, it's a basic necessity, no matter who you are. Fortunately, these apps make it look good and make it easy no matter what calculations you need.

Apple Has Ordered a Lot More 'iPhone 7' Handsets Than Expected

Apple is said to have ordered between 72 and 78 million iPhone handsets -- a lot more than analysts had expected.

Spike Your Way to a Win in Over The Net 3D

Serve, spike, and score in this colorful, 3-D beach volleyball challenge.

The Tech Media Minute: A Motorola RAZR Comeback, 4 Speakers on the 'iPhone 7'?

It could soon feel like the early 2000s again, thanks to a coming announcement from Lenovo. Here's a quick look at what's making news on this Monday.

Relax and Recharge With the Beautiful Wildfulness

For a mindfulness session or just a quick way to unwind, this new app provides attractive illustrations and calming nature sounds.

Pipetto's Fantastic Origami Cases for iPad Stand Out

These are excellent cases for a reasonable price.

Most Addicting Arcade and Endless Games Ever

If you like a great pick up and play game that doesn't take much time to learn you will love this list.

Today’s Apps Gone Free: Harmony 3, ShapeThat, Slide Tetromino and More

Today’s AGF list includes two puzzle games, and a photo framing app.

Close Your Eyes Boys - Best Period Trackers

Being a woman is tough — you have to deal with Aunt Flo coming every month. These apps help you prepare so that it's not a surprise visit!

Get Excited About Apple Pencil Thanks To These Apps

Hey there iPad Pro fans. Are you looking for apps other than Notes to go along with your shinny Apple Pencil? These are it!

Today’s Apps Gone Free: Cribbage, Note’d, Perfect Cut and More

Today’s AGF list includes a card game, a notebook, and a puzzle game.

Hungry? Get Fresh Food Delivered Right to Your Doorstep

Are you at home and hungry, but there's no food in the fridge and you don't want to go out? Life gets easier thanks to these apps.

Candy Crush Fans Will Love These Hot Titles

If you enjoy Candy Crush, but are looking for a new game with a similar style, check out this list of games.