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What’s it like Being Beethoven or even Bill Gates?

Incorporate the daily rituals of the world's most effective people into your own life.

Today’s apps gone free: Last City, Quick Drafts, Xylo and more

Today’s AGF list includes an action game, a productivity app, and a music app.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth runs afoul of App Store rules

The latest chapter in this game's saga brings up an excellent question about Apple's App Store Review Guidelines.

Hide fun messages for your friends to discover with WallaMe

Play a modern day hide-and-seek or send a private note with hidden messages others can pick up in the spots you leave them.

Tim Cook's tweeted Super Bowl 50 photo attracts hecklers

Look, even Apple CEOs can have problems getting good pictures.

Prepare for battle, Clash Royale launches worldwide in March

Duel in real-time and claim your victory when this card-collecting adventure launches globally.

Cord cutters frustrated over Super Bowl 50 streaming problems

Streaming Super Bowl 50 didn't go as well as I, or CBS Sports, would have liked.

Today’s apps gone free: Kung Fu Taxi 2, CleanUp Suite, A to Z Monsters and more

Today’s AGF list includes a platformer, a contacts manager, and an educational app.

UK retailer Currys & PC World offering huge discounts on Apple Watch models

In Britain, a great deal on the Apple Watch is currently being advertised by Currys & PC World.

Today’s apps gone free: Fontmania, Mutant Mudds, Animal Pre-K Math and more

Today’s AGF list includes a photography app, a platformer, and an educational game.

Plant those bombs and blow away your foes in Ninja Boy Adventures

Get your fix of Bomberman in this amazing homage game.

Get ready for some fun horse racing action in Turbo Trot

This fun one-touch game is easy to learn, but difficult to master.

Just in time for Sunday’s big game, a new Sports Illustrated app lands on the App Store

Sports fans can pin live games to the home screen while browsing other stories and headlines.

A new way to play Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft will arrive this spring

The Standard format will feature a deck built from cards released in the current and previous calendar year.

Apple Pay now supported by more than 30 new financial institutions in the United States

The mobile payment system is also available at more than 2 million retail locations.

Pick start dates in the new and improved Remember The Milk

Great new features like start dates, individual reminders, and colored tags have been added to this handy task app.

Why doesn't iTunes Movie Trailers support iOS 9 multitasking?

You'd think Apple would do everything it expects developers to do, wouldn't you?

Rainmaker - The Beautiful Flood is a puzzle game about rainfall

Unravel the secrets behind a mysterious rainfall in this gorgeous and charming puzzle game.

Get in the nose and fling to win in Booger Boing

It may have an unusual name, but this fun, new game lets you explore a world inside the nose.

Adventures of Mana is both a hit and a miss

This game is beautiful, but it's not for everyone.

7 apps to get you ready for Super Bowl 50

Each of these apps will help you get ready for the big game.

Today’s apps gone free: Enlighten, Alphabet Tracer, VLC Remote and more

Today’s AGF list includes a relaxation app, an education app, and a remote control.