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Latest News

Perchang is a Challenging Puzzler with Gizmos and Charm

Perchang is a new contraption-based physics puzzle game that should be in your iOS game collection.

YouTube is Gearing up for Live Broadcasting

If you have ever wanted to stream live video to your friends on YouTube, you may soon get the chance.

Apple Watch May Soon Have MicroLED Technology, not OLED

Apple may ditch OLED screen technology on Apple Watch. Instead, late-2017 models could use MicroLED panels.

Today’s Apps Gone Free: Twisty Planets, PD Measure, Suitcases and More

Today’s AppsGoneFree list includes a puzzle game, a reference app, and a productivity app.

Simplify Your Life With Alloy – Launcher and Automator

Save yourself time and effort with an app that lets you perform actions with a tap.

The Tech Media Minute: A Thunderbolt Display Brexit, Netflix May Go Offline

Brexit has happened today, June 24. Here's our daily look at what's also making the news.

Show Off Your Spaceship Piloting Skills in Hyperburner

Can you make it to the end in this high speed space flier?

A Closer Look at Apple’s Home App in iOS 10

The built-in app and other features makes it even easier to control and interact with HomeKit devices.

BitTorrent Now Launches for iOS, Apple TV

BitTorrent Now is an interesting new application that's launching later today.

This Latest 'iPhone 7' Knockoff Is Another Disappointing Handset

Don't hold your breath for an exciting new iPhone in September. No, really.

Today’s Apps Gone Free: Planet of Cubes, Wardwell House, Markdown and More

Today’s AppsGoneFree list includes a casual game, a horror game, and a text editor.

Relax and Enjoy a Mystery, iDoyle From iClassics Has Arrived

Part of a wonderful, interactive collection, a new mystery is waiting for you on the App Store.

Apple Should Ditch a New iPhone This Year, Wait Until 2017

Apple should really consider NOT releasing a new iPhone until January, and maybe they already have.

Perchang is a Unique Puzzler Full of Gizmos and Gadgets

This enjoyable, new 3-D puzzler tests your brain power as well as your coordination.

5 Great Protective iPad mini Cases for Kids

We’re highlighting some great options for any parent wants to keep the expensive tablet safe.

Snapseat Makes Browsing Movie Showtimes Beautiful and Fun

Snapseat is a gorgeous showtimes app that is unlike anything you've used before.

Firm in iPhone 6 Patent Dispute Looks Set to Close Its Doors

Apple might not be heading to court due to that iPhone 6 patent dispute, after all.

Should iOS Device Owners Buy Fender Pro In-Ear Monitors?

Fender is out with the company's first line of in-ear monitors. Here's our full review.

Apple's HomeKit Is Closing in on the Home Automation Market

Apple announced some great changes to its HomeKit platform at WWDC.

You Will Now Get Automatic Song Suggestions on SoundCloud

Get suggested tracks based on your activity and likes in a recent update.

It Could Be Worth Waiting for Next Year's iPhone After All

Apple could be about to change its iPhone release cycle.

Rodeo Stampede - Sky Zoo Safari Rides Onto the App Store

Saddle up cowboy, it’s time for you to become a rodeo star.