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‘Lead Them’ and they will follow

Guide your group to food, but watch out for lurking dangers.

Has Apple Music already hit the 10 million subscriber mark?

Inside sources suggest that Apple Music has already attracted a large number of subscribers.

United Kingdom Apple Pay comes to HSBC and First Direct

Apple Pay has come to two more banks in the United Kingdom.

Customize your TV show tracking with the newly updated iShows 2

The popular site now powers the beautiful app.

Get directions even faster with Apple Maps in iOS 9

The navigation app is getting even smarter in the next version of iOS.

Apple reportedly ditches plans for an 'iPhone 6c'

One analyst said any traces of the smaller phone have disappeared from the supply chain.

You now have the ‘Power’ to check your battery quickly

Don’t get off the couch or dig through your bag, check your battery the easy way.

You don't need to be vegetarian to enjoy To-Fu Fury

To-Fu Fury is the latest installment of the To-Fu series and it should appeal to all puzzle-platformer fans, vegetarian or not.

Balance fast-paced gameplay with tactics in Five Card Quest

An upcoming card battling title from Rocketcat Games will challenge you to act quickly and strategically.

Where did that $100 go? Let Spendee show you

Keep track of your income and expense with an easy-to-use app for iPhone.

It’s time to say goodbye to Google+ once and for all

Starting soon, you won’t need an account on the comatose social network to share content, communicate with contacts, and more.

Help solve your dilemmas with Insight - Story Therapy

If you're looking for a fresh way to get insight on your problems, this app could be what you need.

Shoot like a pro even on a limited budget with Guerilla Filmmaker

This app aims to make your iPhone an essential tool in guerrilla filmmaking.

Jump back to the arcade with Qbert Rebooted

Hop over and grab this classic game you loved from the '80s with an updated look and new characters.

Cord-cutters won't get ESPN on Apple TV anytime soon

Should comments about ESPN possibly becoming a standalone service encourage cord-cutters, or is it too early for that?

Could Apple release 3 new iPad models in 2015?

The rumor mill is heating up again, this time about a new iPad mini and iPad Air.

Today’s apps gone free: Supermarket Management 2, Simply North, TextCrafter 2 and more

Today’s AGF list includes a simulation game, a navigation app, and a note taking app.

Is China doing all it can to stop iPhone counterfeit rings?

Is China truly making an effort to crack down on electronics counterfeiters, or are they just trying to maintain face?

Create stunning wallpapers with impressive views in Topia

Explore patterns from satellite views around the world and turn them into gorgeous wallpapers for your phone.

Share life’s honest moments with Beme

Create videos of what you see, from your perspective, and share them automatically with this new app.

AppleCharmers Apple Watch bands add some feminine appeal

AppleCharmers bands bring a decorative, charming touch to the Apple Watch.

Today’s apps gone free: Forever Lost: Episode 2, OnTop, Sunny and more

Today’s AGF list includes an adventure game, a calendar app, and a relaxation app.

From GamingSOON: This week’s top 4 upcoming games you shouldn’t miss

Hiding behind the “Games” tab at the top of our site, we’re always busy bringing you the best of what’s coming to iOS over at GamingSOON.