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Ninja Granny (Free) by UberZany, LLC has grown tired of the state of the neighborhood. Some of the elderly shake their canes at youngsters and tell them to get off the lawn. Others write editorials to the newspaper about the deplorable state of young people today. This grandma has packed her ninja stars and taken her fight to the streets.

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At first, you begin the game as Granny who throws basic ninja stars. There are two other types of grannies that you can unlock. Each one comes with a unique weapon. The first one can be unlocked with 500 coins. The next one is 1,500 coins. How hard is it to get these coins? I unlocked the first one in about 10 minutes.

Use the directional pad on the left to move Granny around the street. Thugs and ninja stars will come at her. You can either shoot your ninja stars at them or avoid them completely. You don’t get any additional points or coins by shooting your enemies. So, feel free to use whichever tactic works best for you.

There are silver and gold coins floating around for you to collect. The gold ones are worth 25 and the silver ones are worth 10. If you want coins right away, you can buy them through in-app purchases. You can buy 200 for $0.99, 500 for $1.99, or 2,000 for $2.99.

There are also two other in-app purchases that you can make. You can buy the kid’s mode for $2.99, and you can remove the ads for $0.99.

Ninja Granny by UberZany, LLC screenshot

Personally, I love seeing the elderly up and about. It shows that they still belong to the community. I wasn’t exactly thinking that they should take on thugs, but whatever works for them. Basically, it’s a fun game to play with an unlikely hero protecting the streets.

Ninja Granny is a universal app, and it’s available in the App Store for FREE!