Fire Words

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Available Now: App Store
Genre: Word
Platforms: Universal
Requirements: iOS 6.0+

Game Synopsis

In this heated word game, you'll have to create as many long words from a dictionary of over 250,000 as you can. If you don't try to use up the letters as quickly as possible, things will all go up in smoke as they get hotter and hotter.

What's The Game?

Originally released during the same year as the App Store made its debut, the original Fire Words has begun to show its age. However, independent developer Nate Heagy, the man behind Amuses Me, wants to change that. As he updates the game with a refined look that fits in well with modern iOS, along with new features, Fire Words is on its way back to reclaiming its top spot in the word game category.

What Makes it Fun?

With the upcoming version of Fire Words, an iOS classic is about to be reborn for the future. Original fans of the game should be psyched, along with other word game lovers who are in search of an adrenaline-filled experience. The new version also aims to make the game more relaxing, including no time limits and five “acts,” which are all packed with levels.

For Gamers That...

  • Love word games
  • Might have been fans of the original Fire Words
  • Can school anyone in a game of Scrabble, or are dominators of the classic Bookworm

Not For Gamers That...

  • Don’t enjoy word games
  • Couldn’t win a game of Scrabble even if they were given the entire bag of letters


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