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29plans - Daily Bible Reading Guide

The future is today

The future is today

29plans - Daily Bible Reading Guide

by Fifty Pixels Ltd
29plans - Daily Bible Reading Guide
29plans - Daily Bible Reading Guide
29plans - Daily Bible Reading Guide
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What is it about?

The future is today.

29plans - Daily Bible Reading Guide

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Last updated
June 2, 2017
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June 30, 2015
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The future is today.

The heart of the 29plans daily guide is the Bible reading plan. It's a unique through-the-Bible in a year plan that's easy to read. It has chronological Old Testament and New Testament tracks that you read at the same time.

What makes it unique?

-No more than 60 verses each day
-Weekly Psalm and Proverb
-Old Testament and New Testament chronological tracks
-Excluding Psalms and Proverbs, the Old Testament is read as it purportedly happened (i.e. Job is sandwiched in Genesis; Esther, Ezra and Nehemiah are read at the end of the year)
-Old Testament events are not repeated (i.e. Much of Numbers and Deuteronomy are blended; similar events in Chronicles, Kings, and Isaiah are combined)
-Much of the Old Testament law is bypassed
-The four gospels are read as one for a complete linear storyline (i.e. you’re not reading the feeding of the 5,000 four times)
-Paul’s epistles are read as Paul wrote them on his missionary journeys in Acts.
-The New Testament track begins with Jesus’ ministry so the Christmas story can be read at Christmas

The reading plan is supplemented by a daily guide intended to add to the reading and includes a song related to the day’s reading, a prayer focus and a response.

The guide is divided into four actions… Read, Listen, Pray, and Obey. Each is unique but united by the theme of the Scripture. It works like this:

R = Read. The reading plan is chronological with no more than sixty verses per day. We concentrate on key chapters in the Old Testament including a weekly chapter in Psalms and Proverbs. The New Testament story is told in unique chronological fashion – reading the four gospels as ONE for a complete linear storyline (no repeat stories) and tying in the Epistles to Paul’s missionary journeys in Acts.
L = Listen. The suggested song is tied to the reading. We try to span a variety of genres and artists, both Indie and signed. Support the artist by buying the track, use Spotify/YouTube to listen to it, or just use your own song.
P = Pray. There’s a suggested prayer focus related to the day’s theme. The prayer focus rotates between personal growth, the lost/hurting, friends, family, your world and your community in a weekly cycle.
O = Obey. A suggested response to the day’s theme and reading. It rotates between journaling, a call to action, self reflection, and memorizing one verse a week.

We're on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as well where we post the day’s reading with the verse of the day (#VOTD).