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Astro Mail - Email Meets AI

Your AI-powered email client

Email can be a chore, and it would be nice to have more freedom to deal with it during down times like the morning commute

Astro Mail - Email Meets AI

by Astro Technology, Inc
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Your AI-powered email assistant
Astro Mail - Email Meets AI
Astro Mail - Email Meets AI
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Email can be a chore, and it would be nice to have more freedom to deal with it during down times like the morning commute. With an AI-powered assistant that recognizes voice commands, Astro lets you do just that.

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Your AI-powered email assistant. Speed through your email on the go, while Astro reads it to you. You can even send quick replies by dictation.

Your AI-powered email assistant
A texting UI

A texting UI. Much of Astro works through dialogs, which look like text messages. It's a cool spin, and even the setup process uses it.

Astro's Inbox Zap. Too much email clutter? Let's Astro's Inbox Zap feature help you clean up that inbox.

Astro's Inbox Zap

What is it about?

With Astro, your email doesn't have to be as difficult a chore. The provides a pleasant user interface, with dialogs that move along like text message conversations. The app is much more than that, though.

Why we love it

From the moment you first open Astro, the interface should feel familiar to you. Setting up your email account and settings is done through a dialog that looks and behaves like a text message conversation. Astro whisks you through the setup process, and offers to help declutter your inbox. The AI behind Astro is able to recognize subscriptions, and offer you the opportunity to unsubscribe from them. It seems to only do them one at a time, though, so you may have to run Astro's "Zap" command multiple times. The feature also helps you establish some VIP email contacts, whose messages will display in a special location. This isn't quite perfected, either, but it does work surprisingly well. It identifies people you email with frequently as those worthy of being VIP accounts. Later, you can add more through typing. You're also able to tell Astro to archive old messages, putting emails that are older than 30 days away from your inbox.

App Screenshots

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App Details

Productivity Business
Last updated
November 16, 2017
Release date
March 9, 2017
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App Store Description

*Modern features, great design: Snooze, Unsubscribe, Send Later, Email Tracking, Priority Inbox, Mute, Smart Notifications, and more.
*Astrobot: First email app with a built-in chatbot, who helps you unsubscribe from emails, archive old emails, and stay on top of important messages and questions from your emails
*Priority Inbox: Know which emails are most important with a focused inbox, powered by AI
*Unified inbox: For Gmail and Office 365 email addresses, available on Mac, iPhone, and iPad
*Slack integration: Add Universal Search across Slack and email to Astro, share and forward emails from Astro to Slack, and manage your email inbox from Slack
*Astrobot Voice & Amazon Alexa Skill: Read, manage, and reply to emails by talking to Astrobot, directly from the app or from your Amazon Echo

*Fast Company: “This email app uses AI to keep your inbox under control.”
*The Verge: “It does what most modern email apps ought to do: separates your email into two groups (Priority and Other) and allows you to snooze emails”
*Lifehacker: “I’ve been using it for a little over a month, and have been really impressed…The magic really comes from the app’s built-in digital assistant.”
*VICE: “Astro follows in similar footsteps as its email ancestors with features like multiple inboxes and swipe-based organization, while also separating itself in one, major way: artificial intelligence.”

*Inbox Zap: Astrobot organizes your inbox with a simple, natural language conversation—it’s the fastest way to inbox zero
*Unsubscribe, Folder & Archive suggestions: Astro learns how you manage emails, and makes suggestions about messages that can skip your inbox
*VIPs: Contact list recommendations powered by AI, so you always know when a high-priority email arrives
*Important Email Reminders: Astrobot automatically reminds you to follow-up on important emails
*Question detection: Questions from your emails are highlighted in Astrobot, so nothing important gets lost
*Personal Reminders: Set reminders and to-dos for a specific time quickly using natural language
*Introductions & contact information: See LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and company info for any email address, and get introductions to new contacts from your teammates
*Voice commands: Manage your inbox hands-free by talking to Astrobot directly from the app

*Priority & Other Inbox: Astro sorts your emails using artificial intelligence
*Snooze-for-Later and Snooze-to-Desktop: Swipe to read or respond to an email at a specific time or when you get back to your Mac
*Email Open & Reply Tracking: Get notified when a recipient opens an email or get a reminder if you haven’t heard back about an important message
*Send Later: Schedule your emails to be sent at exactly the right time

Additional features include:
*Customizable notifications
*Customizable Swipes
*Folders and Favorites
*Rich text and emoji
*Fast search
*Attachments - Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Quip, iCloud
*Email aliases
*iOS 11 - Drag and Drop for iPad
*Support for Gmail and Office 365

We love hearing from you, and your feedback will help shape the future of Astro. Email, tweet @astro, or leave us a review.

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