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Barometer & Altimeter for iPhone/iPad

Attention: If you are using an iPad, update to at least iOS 10

Attention: If you are using an iPad, update to at least iOS 10

Barometer & Altimeter for iPhone/iPad

by Steffen Bauereiss
Barometer & Altimeter for iPhone/iPad
Barometer & Altimeter for iPhone/iPad
Barometer & Altimeter for iPhone/iPad

What is it about?

Attention: If you are using an iPad, update to at least iOS 10.1. Earlier iOS 10 releases on iPad do not offer access to the barometer sensor!

Barometer & Altimeter for iPhone/iPad

App Details

Weather Utilities
Last updated
November 19, 2016
Release date
November 7, 2014
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Barometer & Altimeter for iPhone/iPad is FREE but there are more add-ons

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    Barometer Pro Features

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App Store Description

Attention: If you are using an iPad, update to at least iOS 10.1. Earlier iOS 10 releases on iPad do not offer access to the barometer sensor!

This app uses the barometric pressure sensor found in the iPhone 6, 6s, 7 (including Plus models) and iPad Air 2, Mini 4 as well as iPad Pro (both sizes).
You need one of these devices in order to use this app!
It is not compatible with iPhone SE and older iPhone and iPad devices without this sensor!

This App features a Barometer for weather, an Altimeter for outdoor activities, a barometric Trend and a Notification Center Widget.

Even without the optional In-App-Purchase this is a fully functional Barometer with absolutely no draw-backs and all important features accessible. Always without ads! (See "Pro Features" at the end)

Keep an eye on the barometric pressure and be your own weather forecast! This little app uses only GPS (optional) and the new barometric pressure sensor to calculate the barometric pressure used in weather forecasts. The new iPhones have a barometric pressure sensor built in so this app works completely without internet. The handy marker helps you keep track of changes in the barometric pressure and let's you predict weather changes! Please realize, that a single barometric pressure reading is not enough to tell the current weather situation but the barometric pressure and its change over time is a very good indicator for weather changes!

Now you can also see the trend in barometric pressure with graph charts displaying the measurements taken during the last 30 days! (6h, 12h, 24h, 3d, 7d, 14d, 30d)

The Altimeter helps you track your altitude changes based on the change of pressure. Just set your reference pressure and altitude in order to use the Altimeter for checking how high up the mountain you have climbed (works for other activities too). The App does not use GPS for the Altimeter.

Please Note that on older devices such as the 4S, 5, 5S and 5C as well as on any iPod Touch and iPad Models older than iPad Air 2 or iPad Mini 4 this app will not be able to read barometric pressure values and not display any useful information.

All basic features, the Barometer, the Altimeter, the Trend and the Widget are completely free to use for everyone and are fully functional at maximum accuracy available. No ads!
The only features with restricted access via In-App-Purchase are listed at the end under "Pro Features". Those are nice to have features for power users or those that want to show their support for the App!

Features (free for everyone)
- Barometer for weather
- Altimeter for outdoor activities
- Today-View Widget (Barometer)
- Up to 30d trend visualised with graphs
- Interactive timeline on the trend graphs
- No internet connection required since the sensor is built into the iPhone 6, 6 Plus and iPad Air 2
- Supports 6 different pressure units
- Support for 2 different altitude units
- Analog Barometer with support for all 6 units
- Configurable "displayed accuracy" / number of decimals
- Supports setting a custom marker so you can track changes in barometric pressure
- Manual altitude setting or automatic altitude updates based on GPS for the Barometer.
- GPS Correction. In case your GPS seems to always be 'off' a little you can now fix this easily.
- Portrait and Landscape support

Pro Features (In-App Purchase required)
- Change the Barometer Face (with more styles in the pipeline)
- Fishing Barometer
- Two scales on the Barometer
- Data export in CSV Format