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Baxbo the Elephant

Includes 30 cute Baxbo stickers:

Includes 30 cute Baxbo stickers:

Baxbo the Elephant

by Morganvue, Ltd.
Baxbo the Elephant
Baxbo the Elephant
Baxbo the Elephant
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What is it about?

Includes 30 cute Baxbo stickers:

Baxbo the Elephant

Baxbo the Elephant has stickers

like these

Baxbo the Elephant messages sticker-0
Baxbo the Elephant messages sticker-1
Baxbo the Elephant messages sticker-2
Baxbo the Elephant messages sticker-3
Baxbo the Elephant messages sticker-4
Baxbo the Elephant messages sticker-5
Baxbo the Elephant messages sticker-6

Baxbo the Elephant messages sticker-7
Baxbo the Elephant messages sticker-8
Baxbo the Elephant messages sticker-9
Baxbo the Elephant messages sticker-10
Baxbo the Elephant messages sticker-11
and more

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Last updated
August 22, 2017
Release date
July 10, 2017
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App Store Description

Includes 30 cute Baxbo stickers:

• Baxbo playing basketball
• Baxbo with a bucket over his head
• Baxbo being curious about something--your message?
• Baxbo just being his cute self
• Baxbo being disgusted
• Baxbo the Doctor, with his iPad
• Baxbo eating. He looks a little embarrassed about it.
• Baxbo the evil Devil
• Baxbo balancing on a ball
• Baxbo the good Angel
• Baxbo jumping for joy happy
• Baxbo wants a hug
• Baxbo throwing a kiss
• Baxbo looking up at something
• Baxbo in love
• Baxbo getting his nerdy on with glasses and pimples
• Baxbo is nervous
• Angry Baxbo is pissed off
• Baxbo is reaching up to the left for something interesting
• Now Baxbo is reaching up to the right for some other interesting thing
• Baxbo reading
• Baxbo is so sad
• Baxbo must have caught a cold. he looks sick.
• Baxbo singing his favorite music and songs
• Baxbo is skeptical
• Baxbo is sleeping. Yep, he fell asleep.
• Baxbo, the sly one.
• Baxbo looks really surprised
• Baxbo is nauseous. he might have to vomit.
• Silly Baxbo is winking at you!


1. Open a message with somebody and tap the ">" button to the left of the text box.

2. Tap the app button that appears (it looks like the letter "A") and then tap the little icon that looks like 4 circles in the bottom left to open the iMessage app drawer.

3. Tap the Baxbo icon to send stickers!

4. Long tap on a sticker to drag it up into a convo! you can make pinch gestures to resize and rotate it.

5. Let us know how you like Baxbo and what else you'd like to see him do!