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In 2018, the latest large-scale 3D Magic Mobile Games - "Song Of Magic Battle魔域战歌", looking for miracles legendary angel sword

In 2018, the latest large-scale 3D Magic Mobile Games - "Song Of Magic Battle魔域战歌", looking for miracles legendary angel sword


by Lucas Meyer

What is it about?

In 2018, the latest large-scale 3D Magic Mobile Games - "Song Of Magic Battle魔域战歌", looking for miracles legendary angel sword!


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游戏 动作游戏 策略游戏
Last updated
July 30, 2018
Release date
June 5, 2018
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魔幻战歌-大型3D魔幻传奇手游 screenshot-0
魔幻战歌-大型3D魔幻传奇手游 screenshot-1
魔幻战歌-大型3D魔幻传奇手游 screenshot-2
魔幻战歌-大型3D魔幻传奇手游 screenshot-3
魔幻战歌-大型3D魔幻传奇手游 screenshot-4

App Store Description

In 2018, the latest large-scale 3D Magic Mobile Games - "Song Of Magic Battle魔域战歌", looking for miracles legendary angel sword!
Game Background

In the beginning of the world, there was only chaos, no world, and no life. There is a seed in this chaos. This seed has evolved into a living body after millions of years. This powerful organism can use the elements of chaos for its own use. After 100,000 years, this living body created rivers, lakes, mountains, rivers, trees, birds and animals. Later generations called him God of Creation.
On the last day of creating the world, he scattered his own body in this new world. He split up some powerful creatures from the creator gods, including the dragon and the human race.

Battle of Chaos
The Terran people have been given a very high degree of wisdom, far better than animals and animals. The Terran Evolution Society slashes fire, knowledge language, and so on. After mastering a large number of skills, the Terran has developed rapidly with its own breeding capabilities. In the course of this development, the original pure Terran gave rise to a demon of evil and began to fight for fame and gain. This evil concept continued to grow as time went on, and large-scale war broke out between Terrans.
After the start of the Terran War, in order to win, people have affected the development of the dragons. Although the dragons are powerful, they still cannot hold back the number, and the number of dragons is decreasing. At this time, the dragons gave birth to a powerful dragon, which was proficient in various elements and invincible, and thus was dubbed the "dragon dragon."
The dragons counterattacked under the leadership of the dragon and were evenly matched with the human race. But in the most intense moments of war, different lights appeared in the sky and a large number of demonic monsters descended. The rapid expansion of the Mozu forces has eroded a large number of territories of the Terran and the Dragon. The Terran leader and the Moron have realized the power of the Mozu forces and decided to join forces.
The dragon gave its human blood strength to the Terrans, combining the strengths of their own strength with the ability of the Terran to breed, creating many Tarrasque Knights and eventually driving the Demonics out of the realm of chaos; but the dragons suffered heavy casualties and the remaining dragons were not much. The dragons were already on the verge of extinction. Later, when the dragons returned to the dragon continent, they never appeared again.

Magician reproduction
After the war of chaos, the world was calm for a long time. Until one day, an expedition inadvertently destroyed the seal stone in a cave, and the force of the darkness that erupted in the seal swallowed them instantly. Soon the power of darkness swept through the world. Because of the strong ability of Terran breeding, the blood of the dragon has been very sparse, and there is no way to confront the demon directly.
At this time, the Terran remembered the dragon that guarded the mainland and decided to go to the mainland of the dragon to seek the help of the Tarrasque and to become the Tarrasque to fight against the Mozu. A group of young people went to the mainland of the dragon and began their journey. The plot has quietly opened...

Second, the system introduced
(a) The combat system

The game uses a horizontal version of instant fighting.

In the battle, the player can manipulate 1 character, and each play character is guided by the operation buttons on the interface.
Skills are very important in the game, each skill has its own cooldown, skills can not be released in the skills of cooling. In the attack button in the lower right corner, the largest button is Pugong, and the remaining four small circle buttons are skill buttons. The skill button above the yellow circle is the anger manual skill button, and the rest is the character skill button.

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