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Find My Bike With AR

Sometimes you forgot where you left your bike

Sometimes you forgot where you left your bike

Find My Bike With AR

by Jose Bello
Find My Bike With AR
Find My Bike With AR
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What is it about?

Sometimes you forgot where you left your bike?

Find My Bike With AR

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Last updated
October 2, 2017
Release date
December 14, 2016
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App Store Description

Sometimes you forgot where you left your bike?
If so, then with "Find My Bike" you will get back to your bike easily!

Find My Bike is a simple application that uses GPS location services to help you find your Bike. You will never forget where you parked!
Got your final destination? You only need to push the button and your current position got saved.


Open Find My Bike application and save your bike, hotel or other position on the map and associate a short description.
It will be much easier to find the place where you parked your bike, or where is your hotel or whatever place you need to remember.
In a simple and intuitive way, the application offers accuracy and speed on your return to your original location.
When you stop the bike, simply open the application and that it will identify your exact location using a GPS. With a simple touch on the "save" option, your position has already been saved.

You can also write some reference point or special feature of the site (the building in front of where you have parked, floor of the building, the exact number of the parking place...).
Thus, besides the geolocalisation you have additional references to remember details of where you parked your vehicle.
This application requires an active internet connection to retrieve data. You also need to turn on "Location services" option in the settings of your device.

App overview:
-Save parking position by means of GPS
-Save hotel position
-Save other type of locations
-Add memos to be able to assure parking level including parking position or other parking information in a multistory bike-park.

Use '...' sign to see the drop down menu list, then press "saved locations" to see the list of your saved locations, then press '+' to add a new one.
Use '+' to save your location and also pressing 'Mark Location' button, if desired, you can write down the name in the textbox and select 'bike', 'hotel' or 'other' and finally on 'save location' button. Old locations are in the drop down as 'saved locations'. Swipe left on the address to delete from saved.
With the 'add reminder' option you can create a note and schedule an alarm to be fired when the parking ticket expires, for example.

Offline function
When you have set your parking position once, it is saved on the device and you can then completely close the app. Upon reopening the app, the saved parking position will be displayed again.

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