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FOCUS: Map of Your World

The map that answers the question: what should I do right now?

Many of us can remember what life was like without maps on our phones

FOCUS: Map of Your World

by Single Focus Inc.
Setting up Focus is fast and easy
FOCUS: Map of Your World
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Many of us can remember what life was like without maps on our phones. Dreary times. We count on our maps so much, but there's still more they can do. Here's a mapping app that helps you find stuff to do.

Setting up Focus is fast and easy. Create your profile from your Facebook or Google account, select your preferred focus categories, and away you go.

Setting up Focus is fast and easy
Find stuff to do

Find stuff to do. Obviously, a great use for Focus is to find things to do. You can get a good list of upcoming events within the app, and can always add your own through pins.

Follow people and pin your location. The data in Focus is always pretty fresh, because your pins (and others) disappear after 24 hours or the next time you (or they) pin a location.

Follow people and pin your location

What is it about?

With Focus, you can create your own personalized, interactive map. The app helps you find things to do, people you want to meet up with, and places to visit.

Why we love it

What's truly awesome about Focus is the way it encourages you to interact with other people. You won't see all that much on your map until you start following friends, but once you do, Focus becomes really helpful. When someone pins a location, you can see that on your map if you follow them. This is a terrific way to set up meet-ups with your friends, saving you from having to text out the address to half a dozen people. Just pin the location on the map, and invite others to come on down. Focus is also a great way to keep up with your local sports teams. I live in a fairly small city, but our local hockey team has all of its upcoming games loaded into Focus already. The app developers have obviously integrated with quite a few data sources, because there's plenty of events listed when I look for something to do. After you've marked that you're attending an event, it shows up in your timeline. You can also invite other people to the event, making for a great way to organize that next football game tailgate party.

App Details

Last updated
September 2, 2017
Release date
August 30, 2017
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App Store Description

A personalized and interactive Map that answers the question: What SHOULD I do right now?

Use FOCUS to:
See your whole world on a single Map - all the people, places and events YOU care about
Invite friends to meet up in real time at suggested places you’ll both like
Connect with other people who share your interests
View a personalized feed of nearby events
Share your location and find out what all your friends are up to

Just download FOCUS, create a profile and start exploring your world.