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Forest by Seekrtech

Reduce procrastination and contribute to nature at the same time.

Eliminate your iOS devices as a distraction for when you're trying to get work done

Forest by Seekrtech

by ShaoKan Pi
Set an amount of time to focus within
Forest by Seekrtech
Forest by Seekrtech
$1.99 in the App Store

Eliminate your iOS devices as a distraction for when you're trying to get work done. This "don't kill the streak" style app plants virtual trees and gives you coins while you focus on your work. After gathering enough coins in the app, you might be able to have a tree planted in the real world, too!

Apple Watch
Forest by Seekrtech Apple Watch App
Forest by Seekrtech Offers Apple Watch App
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Set an amount of time to focus within. You know what works best for you, but setting a timer for a block of time to focus within can increase your productivity. The longer time amount of time, the more complicated the tree that grows will be. By the time you're finished, you can have something that is truly unique and beautiful, so this app helps you stay focused and motivated.

Set an amount of time to focus within
Don't kill the tree

Don't kill the tree. If you need help focusing on your current task, then there is no more unique way to do that than with Forest. Why? Because exiting the app for more than a couple of seconds will kill your tree, and let's face it — you don't want that. So it's best to remain focused on that task at hand.

What is it about?

Procrastination is inevitable. You know you should be focusing on something besides your iOS device, but somehow you end up in the Facebook app yet again. Forest hopes to eliminate that distraction with a timer that can be used in a pomodoro-like way, but with an incentive. As long as the app remains open in the foreground while the timer you set counts down, a virtual tree will grow, and you will be awarded coins. The goal is to grow a tree with each timer you set by not exiting the app and, thus, not getting distracted by your phone. Over time, the virtual trees you grow will make up a virtual forest displayed in the app, and you can compete with friends in doing this as well.

For those who...

  • Find iOS devices distracting while trying to do work
  • Care about the environment (especially trees)

Not for those who...

  • Don't care about the environment
  • Need to do work and be productive on an iOS device

Why we love it

This app allows users to use timer-based techniques to focus, and actually provides a solid incentive for staying off of your iOS device.

App Screenshots

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App Details

Productivity Lifestyle
Last updated
December 14, 2017
Release date
May 10, 2014
More info

Forest by Seekrtech is $1.99 but there are more add-ons

  • $1.99

    Box of Sunshine Elixir

  • $0.99

    Bottle of Sunshine Elixir

App Store Description

Have you ever been addicted to your phone and just cannot put it down? Forest provides an interesting solution to beat your phone addiction. You can plant a seed in Forest. In the following time, this seed will gradually grow into a tree. However, if you cannot resist the temptation and leave this app to check Facebook or play a game, your tree will wither away. With this interesting mechanism, the sense of achievement and responsibility will drive our users to stay away from their phone with no pain.

• A self-motivated and interesting way to help you beat phone addiction. Stay focused, be present!
• Stay focused and get more things done
• Based on Pomodoro technique
• Turn your focused time into a lovely forest
• Manage your own tags and view the detailed statistics about how you allocate your time
• Compete with friends and users around the world
• Earn reward and unlock more tree species
• Track your focused time in Health App
• Plant real trees on the Earth and protect our environment

We also provide browser extensions. Find out more on!

*Sound Design : Shi Kuang Lee
*Some icons appearing in the app were made by Freepik from and are licensed under CC BY 3.0