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Garfields Verteidigung: Essens-Eindringlinge

Web Prancer presents

Web Prancer presents

Garfields Verteidigung: Essens-Eindringlinge

by Web Prancer
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Garfields Verteidigung: Essens-Eindringlinge
Garfields Verteidigung: Essens-Eindringlinge
Garfields Verteidigung: Essens-Eindringlinge

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What is it about?

Web Prancer presents...

Garfields Verteidigung: Essens-Eindringlinge

App Details

Spiele Arcade Unterhaltung Brettspiele
Last updated
June 7, 2017
Release date
September 7, 2012
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Garfields Verteidigung is FREE but there are more add-ons

  • $0.99

    TV Snack (1000 Cookies)

  • $1.99

    Cinema Set (2500 Cookies)

  • $6.99

    Food Pot (10000 Cookies)

  • $14.99

    Birthday Gift (25000 Cookies)

  • $24.99

    Cookie Boat (50000 Cookies)

App Screenshots

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App Store Description

Web Prancer presents...

Garfield’s Defense, featuring the devourer of lasagna, mauler of mailmen, tormentor of Odie, and feline master of the Arbuckle residence. Ladies and germs please put your hands together for… Garfield! See the celebrated comic strip and TV series come to life in this action-packed free game authorized by Garfield creator Jim Davis!

“Take me to your freezer!”

The place: the residence of Jon Arbuckle and his overweight cat Garfield. The time: snack-time. Suddenly, uninvited guests burst into the Arbuckle home. They’re weird, they look like meatballs, and their target is Jon’s well-stocked fridge. They aren’t really guests at all, but invaders… from another planet!

The Alien Food Invaders are almost as dangerous as they are ridiculous. They want to capture all food to build lethal fighting vehicles which they’ll use to take over the Earth. Yes, they convert food into weapons and it’s no laughing matter, for when our food turns against us and bites… er…bites the hand that it would have fed, humanity must collapse.

Fear not! Garfield will not tolerate a dismal, lasagna-less future. It’s time for the lazy cat to stand tall, hold the line and defend Jon’s fridge against the crazy alien meatballs. Garfield is the Earth’s last hope!

Save the fridge, save the world

Garfield’s Defense combines siege and defense styles into an epic action strategy game in which you defend Jon’s fridge from waves of increasingly tough and zany attackers.

You control Garfield, Jon's overweight, lazy and generally mischievous cat. This normally un-heroic hero will fight tooth and claw to defend his food from the invading menace. Garfield has various weapons at his disposal, including forks hurled with meatball-skewering accuracy, rolled-up reinforced newspapers, and a launcher capable of firing a dozen cheap plastic toy cars at once.
Talk about firepower!

Cats rule, dogs drool

Thankfully, Garfield is not alone during his finest hour. Various characters from the comic strip will also join the defense, including the slobbery Odie, who for once will not be kicked off a table. Also present are Nermal, Wade, Orson, Arlene, and of course Jon. These characters and others can be convinced to join Garfield by bribing them with popcorn, which is generated in Jon’s kitchen.

***Available in the following languages: English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, German***