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Golfer Setup 2017

Hello fellow golfers

Hello fellow golfers

Golfer Setup 2017

by Vincent Chan
Golfer Setup 2017
Golfer Setup 2017
Golfer Setup 2017

What is it about?

Hello fellow golfers!

Golfer Setup 2017

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Sports Education
Last updated
September 11, 2017
Release date
June 24, 2014
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App Store Description

Hello fellow golfers!

Is your golf setup at address correct? Are you constantly tinkering and tailoring your body but aren't sure what the appropriate action is and why you have to do what you do? Can't work out what you're doing wrong?

The golf address is one, if not the most important components of the golf swing, as explained by these greats:

If you set up correctly, there's a good chance you'll hit a reasonable shot, even if you make a mediocre swing. If you set up to the ball poorly, you'll hit a lousy shot even if you make the greatest swing in the world. - Jack Nicklaus

What invariably distinguishes a good player from a poor one is their respective address positions or setups. - David Leadbetter

Before they ever begin swinging, I can improve nine out of every ten typical amateur golfers. - Tommy Armour

So, welcome to 'GOLFER SETUP' the first of my golf instruction apps to set you up correctly for that monster (but consistent) golf swing.

Download this for a very simple guide to the key elements of a good golfing setup. There's 4 sets of information:
1) BEHIND VIEW - Driver - Woods - 2, 3, 4 irons
2) SIDE VIEW - Driver - Woods - 2, 3, 4 irons

3) BEHIND VIEW - 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 irons, PW, GW, SW
4) SIDE VIEW - 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 irons, PW, GW, SW

Each option will show the key elements of the swing in that view and contain information on ACTION (what the action should be), WHY (why should you be doing this like this), and COMMON FAULTS (what most beginners will do instead).

*Please note - the advice given here isn't from a golfing professional. It's my tips and reasons for why and how to implement the golf setup correctly (in saying this there is no right or wrong way in golf, the aim is to get the ball into the hole in the least amount of shots, so even if you have the most irregular swing in the world, it doesn't matter because what counts is what you write down on the scorecard).

I'm an avid (borderline fanatical) golfer - I started playing golf 6 years ago on an 18 handicap, worked on a golf course, went through all the mistakes and struggles to better my swing; copious amount of training, videos, books and online tutorials to get it where it is today. Currently I play monthly (I'm on an OE at present and that's all I can fit in) and shoot around 2-3 over par.

Designed to be easy to use and hopefully improve your love of golf.

You're welcome.