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Lightspeed Time-lapse Camera

A user friendly, feature packed time-lapse camera

The easiest to use time lapse camera app you’ll ever find

Lightspeed Time-lapse Camera

by WaterSoft
Lightspeed Time-lapse Camera
Lightspeed Time-lapse Camera
Lightspeed Time-lapse Camera
$2.99 in the App Store

The easiest to use time lapse camera app you’ll ever find.

What is it about?

A user friendly, feature packed time-lapse camera.

Lightspeed Time-lapse Camera

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Photo & Video
Last updated
January 2, 2015
Release date
October 5, 2013
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App Store Description

A user friendly, feature packed time-lapse camera.

Lightspeed gives you complete control over the shutter speed and capture interval, enabling you to make the most creative time-lapses imaginable.

● Features a continuously adjustable capture interval from 60fps high speed video (iPhone 6 only) down to as slow as 5 minutes per frame.
● All of the timing and camera controls can be adjusted while the app is recording.
● 1080p HD movies are saved right to your camera roll.
● Manual focus and exposure controls.
● Watch each frame develop in real time.
● Superior low light shooting performance.
● As the cinematographer, take control of the amount of motion blur in your time lapse by adjusting the shutter angle to create light trails and silky smooth motion.
● Use super long exposures to virtually erase fast moving objects while still capturing the motion of shadows and other slower moving objects.
● Continuously adjust shooting parameters while recording to create fun effects and happy accidents.
● Film from a moving vehicle and capture a hyper-lapse of your travels.
● Film personal projects and watch them unfold at warp speed.
● Use Lightspeed on a second device for hands free control of the app via bluetooth!
● Use the built-in time-lapse calculator to determine how long it will take to film an event, and the duration of the final movie.
● Set Auto Start and Stop timers to capture events automatically.
● Lightspeed is capable of continuously filming for days at a time when connected to an external power source.

Lightspeed works by accumulating light in a manner similar to a motion picture film camera, where the shutter angle is adjusted to control how long each frame is exposed for in proportion to the capture interval. A 180° shutter is the typical setting used for motion pictures, and will give a natural cinematic look to your time-lapse movies no matter how fast or slow you choose to capture frames. Dial the shutter down to 1° degree to minimize motion blur for a traditional staccato feel, or ramp it all the way up to 360° degrees to create light trails and motion blur and give your videos a smooth, fluid look to them.