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MeeTime Timer

The app that keeps your meetings on track

Meetings can be laborious, mind-numbing times that seem to drag on forever

MeeTime Timer

by MeeTime Ltd.
Create the agenda for your meeting
MeeTime Timer
MeeTime Timer
$2.99 in the App Store

Meetings can be laborious, mind-numbing times that seem to drag on forever. Here's an app that helps keep them on track and productive, and maybe even end early.

Create the agenda for your meeting. MeeTime has a beautiful interface for creating the agenda for your meeting, but that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Create the agenda for your meeting
MeeTime in action

MeeTime in action. Once you run MeeTime to keep your meeting on schedule, it goes to work keeping you productive.

What is it about?

With MeeTime, you get to drill down and schedule precise timers for every part of your meeting. You set your agenda items, who is responsible for each part of the meeting, and how much time they have.

For those who...

  • are managers or anyone else who runs meetings
  • want to be more productive

Not for those who...

  • never run or schedule meetings
  • don't care about productivity

Why we love it

The real beauty comes in once the meeting begins. MeeTime sets timers for each segment of your meeting, letting you know how much time is remaining. If an agenda item within your meeting finishes early, that time is added to the remaining sessions. That way, your meeting can get the full time you've allotted to it, if you really want to keep things going that long. Of course, if someone runs late, MeeTime lets you know without any mistake. The timer begins flashing red, getting your attention that it's time to wrap up. Once you finally decide to give the floor to someone else, the timer starts over. If you've run late, the overrun time is spread across the rest of the agenda so the meeting can always finish on time. If everyone finishes early, though, MeeTime is quite happy. You get a synopsis of how much time you've saved after you close out the meeting, along with a congratulations.

App Screenshots

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App Details

Productivity Business
Last updated
March 10, 2018
Release date
July 26, 2017
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App Store Description

Get out of meeting hell with MeeTime! We are passionate about helping people save time to do the things they love. You cannot manage time, only decide what you want to do within it.

MeeTime starts automatically, helps you keep your meetings on track and it is easier than ever to finish a meeting on time. Should things not go to plan, the “Auto time remaining” setting automatically apportions over/under-runs across the remainder of the agenda.

- Starts on time, whether the meeting does or not
- Gorgeous visual representation of your meeting
- Enter owners for each agenda item to encourage accountability
- Share the agenda to your calendar
- Share the agenda to a notes app for ease of taking minutes
- “Auto time remaining” setting, automatically proportions over/under-runs from the remainder of the agenda
- “Presentation mode” setting, for lecturers, professional trainers or corporate presentations - automatically advances to the next item without user input
- Intuitive user experience with swipe gestures