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OBD Evolution

Experience the OBD evolution

Experience the OBD evolution

OBD Evolution

by Droge GmbH
OBD Evolution
OBD Evolution
OBD Evolution

What is it about?

Experience the OBD evolution!

OBD Evolution

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Travel Utilities
Last updated
September 18, 2017
Release date
August 18, 2016
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App Store Description

Experience the OBD evolution!

- Are you interested in more details about your vehicle than shown on the built-in dashboard?
- Is your Malfunction Indicator Light on and you want to know why?
- Do you own a newer vehicle and want to be able to select all supported sensors?
- Do you drive different vehicles and want an app to automatically switch between them?
- Do you want a hassle-free connection, disconnection and reconnection of the app to your OBD adapter, no matter whether Wi-Fi or Bluetooth?
- And do you finally want to move and resize the gauges on a multi-page dashboard in an intuitive way?

Now you can experience all of it with this app.

So get ready for the OBD evolution!

And feel free to contact us in case something does not work as expected! Find our email below!

Please note:
- Your vehicle needs to be OBD II compliant
- An ELM327 compatible adapter is required:
1) Either Any Wi-Fi adapter or
2) A Bluetooth LE adapter from the following list:
- Carista
- Kiwi 3
- KKmoon Mini
- Ldex
- LELink
- Vgate iCar 2
- Vgate iCar Pro
- Viecar


The gauges visualize accurate, comprehensive, and easily readable information.

So you need only a single gauge in order to show 9 or 10 (depending on fuel type) different Emissions Readiness values in plain text.

Additionally, existing Configuration Information PIDs are used which contain rescaling factors for some PIDs. As a consequence you get correctly rescaled values for ER, O2 sensor voltage / current, MAP, and MAF.


Short connection and reconnection times:

The creation of a new vehicle profile (containing all OBD-II relevant information) typically takes between 10 and 30 seconds, depending on the parameters supported and the protocol used by the vehicle. In rare cases it might take up to one minute.

A vehicle with a profile already stored in the app typically connects in 5 to 10 seconds.


Main functionalities:

Easy handling of multiple vehicles:
- New vehicle profiles are automatically created and stored
- Vehicles with stored profiles are recognized => no manual profile change needed

Intuitive handling of gauges:
- Create, modify, and delete gauges with few clicks
- Move gauges by simply touching and moving them, even beyond existing pages
- Resize gauges by touching them and performing standard pinch movements
- Let the app create and delete dashboard pages automatically

Emissions testing:
- Clear malfunction indicator light, diagnostic trouble codes, and emissions readiness values

DTC database check:
- Enter a diagnostic trouble code and get the description

Map View:
- Follow your current trip with a colored track, showing your GPS speed
- Examine your former trips, recorded from release 1.6.0
- See the location of all your vehicles connected since release 1.5.3
- Choose between three different map types

Voice control:
- Navigate through several menus
- Change some settings
- Read and clear error codes and emissions readiness values
- Change pages in Dashboard
without releasing the steering wheel!

- Select a photo as a background image for the dashboard
- Select different background images for square shaped and/or round gauges
- Change colors and some sizes like pointer length/width


Comments, questions, or suggestions are always welcome!
Simply mail us at [email protected]!