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PolyNome: Metronome, Drum Machine, Practice Log

PolyNome is much much more than a metronome

PolyNome is much much more than a metronome

PolyNome: Metronome, Drum Machine, Practice Log

by PolyNome Ltd
PolyNome: Metronome, Drum Machine, Practice Log
PolyNome: Metronome, Drum Machine, Practice Log

What is it about?

PolyNome is much much more than a metronome.

App Details

Music Utilities
Last updated
March 3, 2017
Release date
December 16, 2011
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PolyNome is $8.99 but there are more add-ons

  • $8.99

    Pro Upgrade

App Screenshots

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App Store Description

PolyNome is much much more than a metronome.

Create drum grooves, polyrhythms, practice routines, log your practice, and much more... It's the perfect tool for the Gigging, Teaching or Practicing Musician.

Used by the world's top musicians (including Virgil Donati, Chris Coleman, Peter Erskine, Dennis Chambers and Will Lee) PolyNome makes practice fun!

Please note that some features are part of an in-app pro update (see below for details.) PolyNome Pro is also available on the app store. It's the same app but with the Pro features already applied.

• Practice with full drum grooves instead of a boring click!
• PolyNome makes practicing fun. It'll motivate you to practice more.
• Create and print setlists and use it to count off songs.
• Share Presets/Playlists with friends/students (a great tool for music teachers)
• Download new Presets and Playlists from the Public Library!
• Watch the built in tutorial videos to learn how to become a power user.

• Faders for 16th notes, triplets, bar sound, assigned sounds
• Super fast tempo entry and Tap Tempo
• 2 fully programable metronomes (any rhythm, sound, accent combinations)
• Program ANY rhythm from a simple click to a full groove (per metronome)
• Bass and Keys sounds
• Save your work as Presets
• Variable swing setting
• Any time signature
• Auto stop with rep counter
• Countdown timer with alarm
• Practice Events are logged. You can add notes to your events
• Subdivisions from whole note to 32nd notes with EVERYTHING in between
• Custom sounds and accents
• Smart Volume mixer (4 channels, control of 8 assigned sounds)
• Audiobus compatible
• AirTurn bluetooth pedal compatible

In-app update to Pro enables:

• Add Presets to a Playlist for super quick access to your favourite clicks
• Join presets together to create songs/clicks with multiple tempos or time signatures
• Create practice routines with audible alerts when each new exercise starts
• Auto tempo change in Playlists for practice routines. Very powerful
• Tempo Boundaries allow you to automatically increase/decrease bpm between set tempos
• Use playlists to create a setlist. If you enter the lengths of the songs PolyNome calculates the set length as you add them!
• Email or AirPrint perfectly formatted band set-lists right from PolyNome

Voice Counting
• Advanced voice counting helps you when working on odd-time signatures
• Subdivision counting for 16th notes, triplets, or 8th notes

Organise with Tags
• Advanced sorting, searching and tagging helps keep your library tidy

• Share your presets with friends; set-lists with band mates; practice routines with students
• Share your Presets/Playlists in the PolyNome Public Library!

Practice Log
• PolyNome logs each preset you play, how long you played it for, and the tempo at which you played it
• View statistics and graphs showing you what you need to work on the most
• Add notes to the Daily Practice Log to help you remember how a practice session went

Random Muting
• Test your timing with random muting of notes or bars

What people are saying about PolyNome:
Peter Erskine (Steely Dan, Weather Report, Steps Ahead, Kate Bush):
“PolyNome is great for teaching, practicing and rehearsing. Tempo input by way of the number pad is a terrific feature, and the subdivision possibilities are endless. Plus, this is the only metronome I’ve used that you can actually LEARN from. Simple and brilliant: simply brilliant.”

Will Lee says...
"Wow! Polynome is a brilliant tool for drummers and any musician! It allows you to understand precisely what subdivisions among bars of time feel like, teaches you the drum rudiments, and so much more. I love "time check" where it'll leave bars of silence in between bars of click to see if your groove stays in time. One of the best apps for your toolkit!"